The Joys Of Reading

A request I saw on Instagram the other day from another author, whom I will not name:

[From Instagram.]

I have discussed the “begging for reviews” culture before. When I feel prompted to, I like to re-address it. Seeing that, this is I suppose one of those times.

On this issue I may hold a minority opinion among authors, but I don’t mind that. Reading my blog here, you see from my posts, and especially from my sidebar, what I’ve written thus far and what I am writing. I know I have my general subject matter.

It has appeared in a “modern” form:

[Excerpt from Passports, in the Trilogy. Paperback. Click to enlarge. Photo by me, 2018.]

More recently, it has been expressed in the “not so modern”:

[Excerpt from Conventions: The Garden At Paris. Paperback. Click to enlarge. Photo by me, 2018.]

And next year I plan to be back again, as you probably know, with another of the “not so modern”:

[From Tomorrow The Grace, due out in 2019. Click to expand.]

A writer should be smitten by their book(s). We may hate them at times while writing them, but we should love the reading that comes from them. If we don’t, why should anyone else?

We should write to capture the reader: to take the reader to places she or he has not been, to eras they may not have lived, to give them the chance to encounter people they have not “met” before and to have the ability for a time to “eavesdrop” on those “lives.”

I work hard on my novels. But how “good” they are is not my call. That decision belongs to the reader.

[My novels so far.]

I present myself on here, note my books, and share insights and bits of my writing. You may choose to read one (or more) of my books. Or you may choose not to do so.

[My suggestion.]


My only desire is, if you do read one or more of my novels, that you enjoy reading what I have written.

Have a good day, wherever you are reading in the world. 🙂