About Me

I was born in New York City (longer ago now than I care to remember), and grew up in nearby Suffolk County, on Long Island. I have been married to my lovely wife since 1999, and we have lived in several places in her native Britain. Currently we are in Devon, in southwest England.

[Along the River Dart at Agatha Christie’s Greenway estate in Devon, England, 2022.]

A once university lecturer in history and politics, as well as still an avid traveler (unless there is a pandemic), since 2013 I have authored six novels – three modern, and most recently three historical – and two free-to-read short stories.

And I am not finished yet.

All the best,

July 2022


    • Hi ya! I see you are Bath? We much preferred Bath and went into there all we could. What a place! We even came within a hair of renting a flat there – not far from Waitrose (The Podium, you probably know).

      But you get lots more for the money in Trowbridge of course: there we had a full house. It’s a decent place, but everyone I’d met there also seemed to say the same thing: “We can’t afford Bath, so we’re here in Trowbridge.” 🙂

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