Agatha’s Place

On Saturday we visited crime/mystery writer Agatha Christie’s (1890-1976) River Dart house in Greenway, Devon, not far from the port town of Dartmouth.

Unexpected Outreach

I do NOT as a rule now read my own reviews or cite them. I leave it to readers perhaps to “debate” my novels as they so choose “among themselves” - because everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, when a reader reaches out to me directly, that is a different story…

Eighteenth Century “Gentlemen”

The late-1700s and early-1800s in the U.S. and Europe was often what we might consider a rather "in-between" time...

For All The World To Read

As you probably know I no longer tweet. However, I do like to "dip into" what I see Twitter writers/authors at its #writingcommunity hashtag are throwing out there for possibly all the world to read. I did so again yesterday and thought I would share a few here...

The Machine Reads

I have used the Kindle text reader on all of my books post-publication. My personal opinion: I have always felt my novels sound better when read aloud by a woman's voice.

The Book Argument

Both ebooks and paper books have their positives and negatives - and it is up to a reader to decide which platform best suits their reading taste.

Not From A “Wish List”

I don't write a woman any differently, really, than I do a man. I write women characters based on my own relationships, conversations, and related life observations and experiences...

“90 Percent”

That message to me from that reader is also no surprise in this sense: Insofar as I can tell, some "90 percent" of my readers have always been women.

“I pick up my iPad, open my social media, and I see…”

I only buy a book because a topic and style interests me and, well, I would like to read it; I would buy it if it came to my attention regardless of whether I "knew" the author or not...

To “Her” Out There

What I do want to do as a writer regardless is to seize and hold her reading imagination. Oh, and I write "her" there deliberately in particular because I know, based on my known readership, that some 9 out of 10 of my readers is "her," including even some 20-somethings like you.

The Creating

I would not want any editor anywhere near me who believed anything approaching either, because clearly we are coming at this writing fiction thing from largely differing and even irreconcilable perspectives.

A Perpetual Horizon

The observance of US (self-declared) independence day on July 4 always feels like something of an odd day here in the United Kingdom...

I Am Not A Killer

I am NOT deciding "Character A" will die, but merely state if we are witnessing "Character A" die.

Readers Around The Globe

Writing for a public audience is now in ways perhaps more "intimidating" than ever - because anyone in the world can be reading it within seconds.

Recalling Old “Friends”

Don't think we did not joke about this back then ourselves: Living as I did then in a New York City suburb, I recall my "friends" and I even then laughing about the absurd size of the characters' Manhattan apartments...

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