A “Review” That “Spooks And Horrifies” Too

Endings are, uh, I think, reasonably important to us as readers. I am of course interested in what will happen (or why would I be reading the book in the first place?), but I don't really want to know how a book ends... until I get to the end.

The Joys Of Reading

I present myself on here, note my books, and share insights and bits of my writing. You may choose to read one (or more) of my books. Or you may choose not to do so.

When You Are @-ed

He thought reading reviews is usually unhelpful to a writer. Bad reviews are likely to discourage you without actually providing much help for future writing; on the other hand reading good ones might go to your head and bring on a sense of complacency.

A Fourth Anniversary (Come And Gone)

Having written it, I had been thinking, "That's enough. I did it..."

Mr. Brown’s Books

This is one of the most scorching reviews I have ever read.

“Freebies” For “Honest” Reviews?

Due to what I have seen regularly "out there," and with my brand new Conventions, as well as my first book, Passports, available on Kindle promo for 99c each until next week [UPDATE: it will run indefinitely], this awkward issue again jumped to my mind. I realized I have never addressed it here before. I … Continue reading “Freebies” For “Honest” Reviews?

“I enjoyed this book….”

I saw this yesterday on Google+ (via Adele Archer and DL Keur). It's a link to a Grimace and Giggle piece by author Russ Linton. He writes on Amazon's "cracking down" on reviews written by those with a so-called "established relationship" with the author: A year and a half ago I noted how ugly I … Continue reading “I enjoyed this book….”

To Please Everybody

Readership out there now is truly global. As a writer, you can never know exactly who's reading your book(s), or where, or why. Perhaps most importantly, you never know what a reader individually takes away from it - unless they tell you. And do you always really want to know? I'm struck at times also … Continue reading To Please Everybody

The Many Shades Of Envy?

Another installment of that book series is upon us. A Newsweek reviewer (interestingly, by name a man, although the books do appear aimed primarily at women, and are written by a woman; but I don't want to disgress down that path here), disparages it this way: Cinemax softcore masquerading as fiction Really? So then it's … Continue reading The Many Shades Of Envy?

A “Fan Email” Brightens A Gray Morning

The Catskills in early April: it's certainly not Florida. I just took a few snaps out the back just after dawn. Yep, there's still lots of snow against the house and scattered here and there in the woods: Back for a brief stay at the "scene" of the "crime": where I wrote most of the … Continue reading A “Fan Email” Brightens A Gray Morning

Reviewing The Reviewers

As any author knows, reader reviews can't be ignored nowadays. Amazon is central in that change. Readers may praise, but authors now also need a skin as tough as iron too. Authors aren't alone. A business owner we know got an appalling review a few months ago on a non-Amazon site from a customer who'd … Continue reading Reviewing The Reviewers

Rule #1 For Any Author

I just discovered, by email notification, that a blogger I follow on WordPress has apparently read my first novel, Passports. The blogger evidently devoted a post to it. Understand that (as of this writing) I have no idea what that blogger thinks of the book because I have not read the post. And I probably … Continue reading Rule #1 For Any Author

Amazon Reviews

Like most of you, I receive those post-Amazon purchase emails which ask for a review and a "1 to 5 star" rating. That's hardly earthshaking blog material, I know. What prompted this post is I received one the other day for a friend's new book: That email got me thinking. Regarding his book specifically, even … Continue reading Amazon Reviews