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On The Bookshelves

I didnโ€™t ask, but Iโ€™m thinking some are โ€œhisโ€ books and some are โ€œhers.โ€ If you are not yet in a โ€œlive-inโ€ relationship, you need to know this, because itโ€™s important: when you end up living permanently with a โ€œspecial someone,โ€ their books will likely come with them.

Ladies First

Since starting my first book in 2012 I have also written many women, so how women are portrayed generally in novels (particularly by male writers such as myself) has become of great interest to me.

The Americans, Always The Americans

Through media and social media non-Americans tend to see way too much of the US of the extremes: yapping politicians, Kardashians, people waving guns around, poverty, racial discord, hurricanes, wildfires, religious “fundamentalists” who seem to dislike everybody who isn’t their sort of Christian, and a slew of negatives on a near-endless list; or they see glitter that dazzles them: gorgeous national parks, Florida beaches, Las Vegas, snowy mountain retreats, cool New York City, Hollywood, shopping, and much more.