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“Look Inside”

As writers we do have to nod to the reality that many – probably most – readers now read books differently than was the norm in the past. They are not in a favorite chair before a roaring fireplace undisturbed while immersed in that single leather volume in their lap…

Over A Morning Coffee

I want to polish off Tomorrow The Grace once and for all. I’m trying to catch every “A” that should be “a,” every “there” that should be “their,” and every “,” that should be “.” So after this post, I’m not going to be on social media much for some days.

But in social media terms, you guys here come first…

Writers Talking Writing, Part 6

I don’t see a problem with tweeting a couple of times a day. That said, I don’t see how some of the writers in Twitter’s #writingcommunity actually write anything. It does often appear many seem to do little but tweet… about writing! LOL!