Those Here Then

In my most recent two novels, and continuing in my next, I have chosen to have a go at a group and period not much fictionalized: Americans in Europe starting about a decade after US independence and into the early 1800s.

A Pivotal Moment (In My Life)

I had never known anyone like her. Through her I also made other friends… and traveled to places that just a few years earlier I had never imagined I would have ever seen in person...

“Close Friends”

When he read my first two novels (he did not live to read the third) and saw "himself" (including my fictionalizing "a crush" he had had on a girl friend of mine), he revealed to me that he thought it was hilarious and was even touched.

“Oh, shoot, did I post this to WordPress?”

Oops. I thought I was writing an email? But I was using WordPress? Gee, it's good I have nothing to hide from you guys... LOL!

In The Face Of The “Numerous”

A celebrity - whose reason for being is to seek popularity - backtracking and apologizing in the face of a social media angry mob is almost to be expected. But a writer must have the guts to hold their creative ground in the face of other writers' onslaught.

Never Forget: Publishing Is A Business

Writing may be all about "creativity" for you; but never forget that publishing is a business.

(Switch On) Location Services

Travel - particularly when engaged in relatively young - is certainly one activity that helps create life experiences. It enables a building up of a personal bank of events and interactions. You will almost certainly find that pile of memories useful eventually if you turn to writing.

A “Review” That “Spooks And Horrifies” Too

Endings are, uh, I think, reasonably important to us as readers. I am of course interested in what will happen (or why would I be reading the book in the first place?), but I don't really want to know how a book ends... until I get to the end.

The Rewritten “Me”

I CANNOT believe anyone could be that HAPPY as a writer. To be a writer is to me forever to be some degree of "miserable." All that really varies is the daily depth of the misery: some days are worse than others.

“Look Inside”

As writers we do have to nod to the reality that many - probably most - readers now read books differently than was the norm in the past. They are not in a favorite chair before a roaring fireplace undisturbed while immersed in that single leather volume in their lap...

Over A Morning Coffee

I want to polish off Tomorrow The Grace once and for all. I'm trying to catch every "A" that should be "a," every "there" that should be "their," and every "," that should be "." So after this post, I'm not going to be on social media much for some days. But in social media terms, you guys here come first...

Social Media “Rules” (For Me)

My mood was such I felt I would have bitten the head off of anyone who looked at me even slightly sideways. Unfortunately, one person did, on Instagram...

In The British Autumn Rain (While Recovering From Jet Lag)

Friday evening’s flight to London wasn’t as great an experience as back on Sept 6, but it was still decent. I would now fly American again. Anyway, with a novel still to finish, I'm back now in Britain...

Birthplace Of A President And Of A Story

From where authors get ideas, eh? A 2014 visit to Kinderhook and US president (1837-1841) Martin Van Buren's retirement estate got my mind racing. It filled my thinking by late 2015 as I wondered how I could pull together ideas in a new writing direction...

Writers Talking Writing, Part 6

I don't see a problem with tweeting a couple of times a day. That said, I don't see how some of the writers in Twitter's #writingcommunity actually write anything. It does often appear many seem to do little but tweet... about writing! LOL!