Capture The Cause

“You came here again to France for your president. That is finished. Now you are here and you are alone and you did not wish this. There can still be a life for you.”

Now in his early forties and having believed he was finished with diplomacy, in 1808 New York lawyer and merchant Robert Rutherford is sent to Europe once more – this time at the request of President Thomas Jefferson.

Obliged to leave his wife and children behind, on the other side of the Atlantic he finds the still militarily weak United States of America caught diplomatically, and himself sometimes even personally, between the warring British and Napoleonic French empires, both of which are also more and more antagonistic toward the determinedly neutral U.S.

Amidst all of that, horrifying family news reaches him and Robert decides all that may be left to him is possibly never to return home…

CAPTURE THE CAUSE is the third and final volume of a sweeping historical romantic drama set in Europe and America. The tale opens with its first volume, CONVENTIONS: THE GARDEN AT PARIS (2017), and continues with the second, TOMORROW THE GRACE (2019).

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