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One (I Hope) In 2021 (That Will Be Nearly Two Years In The Writing)

I did not create this web site until December 2013 – which was after I had published my first book: I believed I had to have stuck my neck out fully before I could offer reasonable opinions on writing and authoring. Having created an “author Twitter account” in August 2019 – after four additional books, and nearly six years since that first – and observing what I see on that platform, I detect some tweeting writers are full of (to be polite) hot air.

Just Stuff

Yesterday was F. Scott Fitzgerald’s birthday. He was born on September 24, 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota…

Recalling his birthday led me to want to visit once more with a relatively random few of Twitter’s writers…

“Her eyes…”

A few minutes of authoring fun.

These were written by a few of literature’s great authors, who have been read for generations so far and are likely to be read for many generations to follow us.

Note the highlighted sentence in each picture.

But Twitter Can Still Be Fun

Yesterday I was pretty harsh about some “writing chat” on Twitter. That was in the context of those who use the platform for – I feel – professional exposure, yet appear to back away from actually saying much of anything truly substantive. A writer must never be fearful and bland.