To Escape From It All

It has been another tough week for many of us. Thus 2020. So I think what this blog requires is some lightheartedness and maybe even a cup of hot cocoa.

[Cadbury Drinking Cocoa. Photo by me, October 2020.]

For openers, I noticed another writer shared these the other day on her relentlessly upbeat Instagram. I thought I would “borrow” them here. They seem entirely apt:

[From Instagram.]

Yep, isn’t that the truth.

[From Instagram.]

Doesn’t that make you feel sooooooo good.

[From Instagram.]

I so agree!

I am sure you are stunned to see those reshared here because such has not been me in the past, I know. I never put up such on my Instagram. I have always preferred, you know, to post photography of some kind:

Or even post actual video:

I also believed regularly filling my followers’ timelines with urgings to be “amazing” or “spectacular” or “all you can be!” would just bore them. Moreover who am I to assume my followers are not already “amazing” or “spectacular” or “all they can be!” and then some? Regardless if such personal rah-rahing promptings work for that writer and those who follow her, who am I to argue with that?

Thinking on it, seeing such regular exhortations to personal accomplishment may have even worked for me. Okay, this was not in my writing. But on Thursday I was certainly productive when it came to writing hardware:

[From my Instagram Stories, October 15, 2020.]

…as I successfully put together…

[From my Instagram Stories, October 15, 2020.]

…that office chair.

And I did it in only 45 minutes.

Likely because I read the directions.

Yes, I am a man and I read the directions.

However, I awoke on Friday morning and I was shocked. I thought: maybe I am doing something right after all? Maybe I don’t have to become the king of uplifting Insta-thoughts? Look at this new Instagram follower:

[From my Instagram. October 16, 2020.]

Amazing! Obviously he likes my Insta-style. It must be his supersecret account.

However, I blocked him.

I don’t want him stealing away all my female followers, the bastard.

Oh, and speaking of women. If you don’t know, the Hallmark Channel in the U.S. has become famous over the years for its original films “for women.” Usually they are romantic, and regularly seem somehow always to come down to some version of a career woman who ends up in a pleasant rural community where she gets away from the stresses of life and becomes involved with a local guy who is usually nearly her life outlook opposite, and they fall madly in love.

You do not need to miss out on such drama just because you are outside of the U.S. If you too need to get away, apparently it is possible to stream the Hallmark Channel over the internet. Your life may never be the same. 🙂

For instance, this woman below on Tik Tok has traveled to Vermont. Bordering New York State on the east, Vermont is considered just that sort of a retreat from it all: known for its small towns and slower pace of life. In fact it often seems Hallmark films are set in Vermont, but if you click the video she explains to us she cannot understand what on earth has gone wrong:

It appears she really does need to seek out the local mayor. Surely there is a dilapidated inn that needs repair in order for her to forget her shallow and unfilling and all about money high-powered city job and finally start to re-evaluate her life? It is possible the mayor’s son may even be quite a hunk! LOL!

Have a good weekend, wherever you are.

[Photo by me, October 2020.]