What I Have Never Done And I Will Never Do

One of the upsides to not writing for now is I have plenty of new time to read. That reading includes writers’ social media that (aside from the occasional scroll of Twitter) I don’t devote as much time to while I am writing. Spending more time reading them is useful to see what others out there are saying about writing.

And there are times I shake my head in disagreement and just feel I have to say something – which is where a blog is useful, of course. 🙂

For example, I know what I always seek to do as an author. Any novel I write is to me merely the framework I use to try to convey what I believe is truth. For if it is not to be that, if it is to be merely a bunch of pages that total up into a jumble of phoniness, what is the point?

[From Instagram.]

So having seen that quote on Instagram, my reaction was this: “Lies?” Uh, really?

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I believe every reader – most of whom I as a writer never know, of course – approaches fiction each entirely in their own unique way. I say that because I know what I do. I have no reason to believe I am all that different as a reader in that sense than anyone else.

[Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com]

So I would NEVER even attempt to guess at what “all readers” expect as they open a new book.

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Maybe that author is being a bit ”tongue-in-cheek” and does not mean “lies” literally but is referring more to fiction as somehow being ”untrue.” Yet even on that more “lighthearted” basis I would still take issue with that assertion. If any readers do come to my books expecting “lies,” those are not what they are getting from me.

My view as a writer: While a tale is of course fiction, I never LIE to readers

[An “1805” scene from Tomorrow The Grace. On Kindle for iPhone/IPad. Click to expand.]

If I ever reach the point where I believe I am failing to try to bring truth to my pages, I am done. That will be my end. At that point I will close down my PC forever and never publish another bit of “fiction.”

Hope you are having a good week, wherever you are in the world. 🙂