Agatha’s Place

On Saturday we visited crime/mystery writer Agatha Christie’s (1890-1976) River Dart house in Greenway, Devon, not far from the port town of Dartmouth.

Fear Of History

The anti-“Critical race theory” carryings on is more proof too many whites in particular wish not to discuss and even to dismiss a past that was often undeniably savage and morally indefensible – and yet many even living in that past, such as Thomas Jefferson, at the time themselves knew what they were living was both.

Unexpected Outreach

I do NOT as a rule now read my own reviews or cite them. I leave it to readers perhaps to “debate” my novels as they so choose “among themselves” - because everyone is entitled to their opinion. However, when a reader reaches out to me directly, that is a different story…

Glimpses Of The Past Country… In The Present Day

There is no such thing as especially a woman being ”over-educated” and only an obnoxious and “under-educated” man in 2022 would say that there is.

“The Nation’s history and traditions”

This is in reply really of course to your email ranting about the Supreme Court leak. You want my initial reaction? Okay.

“A girl came in the café…”

"A girl came in the café..." Seeing that early bit of the book again, I recalled too once more how I have come to discover this is one of the funnier things about being a fiction writer:

Do We “Need” Our Old Books?

We don’t actually in life “need” much of anything but a roof and some food, water, and clothing, of course. We certainly do not "need" old books in that sense. However, when we are alone, when we open an old book, it may well remind us of something, someone, somewhere and is fulfilling a need of our soul...

The End… And A Beginning

When I re-read what I wrote years ago, often I realize I had FORGOTTEN quite a lot of it. It is sometimes like reading a "new" book… and I may even find myself thinking both good and bad about it. ("Did I actually write THAT? Wow, that's great! Uh, no, did I write that, too? Geez, that could have been written differently.")

Eighteenth Century “Gentlemen”

The late-1700s and early-1800s in the U.S. and Europe was often what we might consider a rather "in-between" time...

“Positivity” In Life

As for the new release. The initial response I have received to Capture directly from a few readers has been great. Really uplifting...

A Week In Devon

We drove down last weekend to Devon, in the southwest. For the week we rented an Airbnb from a lovely couple who have turned a surviving 16th century shell of a one-time stone barn into a three room cottage...

Published: “Capture The Cause”

I present this latest novel, tel qu'il est, as it is...

“An American president struggling to keep the country out of a war…”

I told her that I am hearing from people online wanting to know where it is - which is a nice feeling. In recent weeks I admit WWIII perhaps starting sort of distracted me as I polished it off. I kept thinking: Who really cares about a new book, right now?

Deranged And Criminal

I hesitate to go here. However, after some thinking about this I believe this needs stating unequivocally and is more than worth a post because it is an ugly issue that simply cannot be ignored...

To Tell “My” Story?

I try to ask myself from time to time as I write: Why should anyone else out there care about this FICTIONAL tale and about these characters?

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