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To Challenge Ignorance

In a restaurant in 1939 Germany, thirty-ish American foreign service officer “Leslie Slote” and young American twenties-something expat “Byron Henry” – who had just returned from the chaos of Poland during the German invasion weeks earlier – fall into discussing anti-Semitism…

Spring Dawn 1794

That is the sort of thing that comes from my approach to each day: โ€œSo, friends, what are we going to do today?โ€ I consider what might be โ€œhappeningโ€ with โ€œthem.โ€ And then I may just run with whatever comes to my mind.

A Bunch Of Characters

If you think I’m going to be revealing any of the real-life people I know who may be the basis for, or whom I drew upon for, the fictional characters? I won’t be doing that anytime soon. (Do I appear to be completely insane?)