Pencil(s) Time

It arrived yesterday. A first paper copy is in my hands. I always consider this “the home stretch”:

[Capture The Cause, paperback front cover. Photo by me, January 12, 2022.]

Now out comes the pencil(s). That is probably about as “old-fashioned” as I get in writing because I do most of my writing by typing. With the pencil, I feel a lot like the former university lecturer I was – crossing out, adding in margins, and scribbling changes here and there.

A paper copy is also a “mental” barrier crossed. As I write entirely on a PC and a PC is naturally “infinite” in terms of “pages,” I never get the full sense of the “perspective” and “depth” of a book until now. Even a printer paper copy – which I chose not to do this time – does not quite provide the same exact “three-dimensionality” as a proper proof copy that closely resembles what a reader would have.

I had wanted it out for Christmas and obviously that did not happen. This is the first time I missed a self-imposed “deadline.” (By writing coincidence, up until now ALL of my books appeared between October and December.) Mostly my reasons for not making pre-Christmas were personal. (The largest by far was you may know my mother-in-law died on October 2, and she had been staying with us almost the entire time from May until early September while cancer gradually ended her life, and she required – unsurprisingly – most of our attention over the summer, and the writing reasonably had to take a back seat.)

[Capture The Cause, paperback back cover. Photo by me, January 12, 2022.]

It is of a similar structure and a length as the previous two novels. This is also possibly the most “complicated” of the three. Indeed at times you may well also think I have REALLY lost my mind with this one. LOL!

As I first thumbed through it and started revising yesterday, I could not but note as well that it has probably the broadest geographical scope of the three – the story’s locations stretch from America to Russia.

This struck me too minutes ago as I was typing this post: Since the novel was almost entirely written amidst our “pandemic” circumstances (I had started it more or less in January/February 2020), and we could all often barely leave our houses much less easily travel internationally, I am wondering if that being “trapped” was an “unconscious” reason it contains so much time on horses and in carriages and on ships going from place to place even more than previously?

[From the Capture The Cause proof. Photo by me, January 12, 2022.]

Maybe I need a psychiatrist? 😉

In any case, down my last corrections rabbit hole I go for a while. I have no idea how long I will be down there. I am hoping it will be out in early February.

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂

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