November Beach

We ventured to Bantham Beach last Sunday. It is about a 30 minute or so drive from our house…

[On Bantham Beach, Devon. Photo by me, November 13, 2022.]

From the beach you can see the tidal Burgh Island. It is an “island” only at high tide, although a sea tractor can still reach it. At low tide, you can walk out to it from Bigbury-on-Sea (to the right):

[On Bantham Beach, Devon, looking toward Burgh Island. Photo by me, November 13, 2022.]

Devon – especially South Devon – might be termed “Agatha Christie country.” She was born and raised in Torquay (in a late-1800s house that was among others on 2 or so acre plots that have all since been demolished for more dense housing). The house she herself bought in the late 1930s on the River Dart, Greenway, where she spent a lot her time from the 1940s is now a National Trust property open to the public. (I visited it in May. See this post.)

Burgh Island was influential in her writing. See Wikipedia for more. For example, the Evil Under The Sun Poirot novel is set on that island. (The 1982 film moved the story to the Adriatic and changed various other details.)

Okay, the social-media-powers-that-be also inform us that still photography is not “entertainment”; or at least not entertaining “enough” or even “old-fashioned.” We are lectured that especially young people demand VIDEO. Fortunately on our visit, I did shoot some video…

[On Bantham Beach, Devon, looking toward Burgh Island. Video by me, November 13, 2022.]

I am sure you are hugely disappointed you only see my shadow on the sand (with my walking jacket tied around my waist) and that I did not film myself dancing and pointing at witty captions to someone else’s voice and/or music. LOL!

Have a good weekend, wherever you are. 🙂

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