For This Thanksgiving

On Saturday morning at 4am, we left our house in Dartmouth and drove for London Heathrow Airport, where we arrived by about 7:30…

[London Heathrow, Terminal 5. Photo by me, November 19, 2022, about 10 am.]

And about 2 and a half hours later, we were on a British Airways plane for Newark, New Jersey.

We landed about 2pm (New Jersey time) and got our rental car and headed out onto the New Jersey roads. We had not driven from Newark Airport in some years (having gone into New York’s JFK a few times). New Jersey has some of the worst planned major roads I have ever driven in the U.S.; they clearly contribute to the state’s high accident rate. (In fact, ask many people in especially the northeast U.S. about “Jersey drivers” and your first response may be, “They are really bad.” In reality, it’s probably mostly the roads; their designers were insane.)

Without incident, we got to my father’s house an hour and half away in northeast Pennsylvania:

[Bushkill, PA. Photo by me, 7am, November 20, 2022.]

We are here to see him and spend Thanksgiving.

[Bushkill, PA., May 8, 2022. Video by me.]

Unlike back in May, we have seen no large wildlife behind his house this time (yet). LOL!

The bears are hibernating by now.

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂

Further thoughts?

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