A Week In Devon

We drove down last weekend to Devon, in the southwest. For the week we rented an Airbnb from a lovely couple who have turned a surviving 16th century shell of a one-time stone barn into a three room cottage...

“Emily” (Part Deux)

In our pandemic and depressed world, a little 30 minutes of trouble-forgetting escapism and "unreality" is hardly a bad thing.

Returned To The Wintry North

All good things come to an end... including Florida beach holidays...

On The Gulf

With her mum's death in October and all that went on there in previous months (and has gone on since), my wife desperately needed and deserved a vacation...

Train, City, Cathedral, Swans, And A Spanish Princess

We were out and about on Saturday with friends from Bristol. One had never been to Peterborough. We told him, well, he ain't lived until he had seen Peterborough.

“Dear, might we ask them as you have the map?”

Before jet planes made it possible to fly from London to New York in 8 hours, relatively few people traveled compared to today.

A World Of Humor

Anyway, for this blog post... well... here's a break from me going on and on. Enjoy hopefully a few laughs...

Those American Tourists

Now, on to Buzzfeed's "report" detailing certain Redditers' observations on American tourists...

Horses, Sails, And Walking

I threw together that draft map of some locations that will be in the coming book thinking a version of the map may appear in that book - the first time I will have published such an "aid."

“Friendly” European Places

To some cities I find "friendly" in various ways that were not on the magazine's readers' list.

Wallis (The Sequel) Continues…

The path to removing yourself from the blinding spotlight of unwanted publicity is NOT to do an Oprah interview on CBS on a Sunday evening and anyone with half a brain knows that.

If You Are Younger Than About 35…

We as Americans among ourselves may at times forget - or we are MANIPULATED into forgetting by demagogues such as the soon to be ex-president - that we have more in common than we may realize.

Getaway To Ireland

We got back yesterday after three nights in Ireland...

Imperial War Museum, Duxford

With our two better halves busy yesterday, another husband (and a friend) and I went off to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford (I suppose, as guys might do when left to their own devices), which is just south of Cambridge...

Pre-Birthday London

My birthday present.

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