“Non, sire, it is a revolution”

When in late August and September 1789 word first began to reach the new United States of America of the upheaval of two hundred thirty-one years ago today that had occurred in the capital of America's closest ally...

Twenty-Three Years Ago

Twenty-three years ago this morning, July 14, 1995 (yes, yes, that was indeed before some of you were born), in Paris I was standing along the Champs Elysées...

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

The French Revolution beginning in 1789 followed our American one. In 1776, Thomas Jefferson wrote that "all men are created equal," and the French enthusiastically later said they agreed; the French "Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen" was influenced at least in part by the American "Declaration of Independence." As Americans had … Continue reading Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

What We Picture In Our Mind’s Eye

Well, it's another July 14 - all day. You know what that means today is? It's Bastille Day: Last year, I posted photographs I'd taken at the Paris parade in 1995: For this year, let's have a bit of a "stereotypical" chuckle perhaps: Such hardly applies only to France, of course. Speaking of other national … Continue reading What We Picture In Our Mind’s Eye

14 July 1995: [Sigh] I Can’t Be This Old

Passports is FREE on Kindle until July 15. Today being July 14 is the major reason. It's to commemorate a personal anniversary. (Not the two decades that have passed!) Twenty years ago today, I was here: Before digital, iPhones, iPads.... and selfies (in those days *OTHER PEOPLE* took your picture!), with my 35mm camera (that … Continue reading 14 July 1995: [Sigh] I Can’t Be This Old

More Late 20th Century Paris Photos

I'm glad a bunch of you liked yesterday's post. I've now about finished going through those 1990s 35mm photographs - sifting through them for any that might serve as cover art for the 3rd novel. Of course I won't use nearly all of them: they may be good shots, but aren't appropriate for the books. … Continue reading More Late 20th Century Paris Photos

Upstate New York’s Guillotine

July 14 is "Bastille Day." Saturday, the Rockland County village of Piermont commemorated it. A photo gallery from LoHud newspaper captures some of the event, including its display of the French Revolution's most enduring and infamous symbol: In stumbling on that photo while clicking through, I found it jarring and somewhat off-putting to see even … Continue reading Upstate New York’s Guillotine

For July 14

I kept to my plan. Yes, while on vacation I actually got more of the sequel written. As I had explained to our friends' young daughter, "When you’re writing, you’re never on a holiday really." The other day I also had an idea for the already published opening volume. A "Bastille Day" sale for Passports … Continue reading For July 14