More Late 20th Century Paris Photos

I’m glad a bunch of you liked yesterday’s post.

I’ve now about finished going through those 1990s 35mm photographs – sifting through them for any that might serve as cover art for the 3rd novel. Of course I won’t use nearly all of them: they may be good shots, but aren’t appropriate for the books. And sometimes I just plain can’t use them: that’s usually when they contain (non-public figures’) easily recognizable faces, and in a couple of instances that’s seriously frustrating stuff because I think they might work well. Ah, c’est la vie.

Regardless I converted a few into .jpg files. I figured just in case I do find I can use them, or even parts of them, I don’t have to go digging them up again later in the year. I thought I’d put up a few more today:

Bastille Day parade, Paris, July 1995. I don't recall which unit this was, but there are women in it. [Photo by me, 1995.]
Bastille Day parade, Paris, July 1995. [Photo by me.]
I don’t recall which unit that was. Look closely: there are women in it.

I’ve put this one up before, but you may not have seen it. Given the subject here, I just thought I’d repost it:

President Jacques Chirac. Bastille Day, Paris, July 1995. [Photo by me.]
President Jacques Chirac. Bastille Day, Paris, July 1995. [Photo by me.]
The then President of the Republic, standing in an open-top vehicle, just yards away.

I’ve never been anywhere near a U.S. president.

Next. You don’t often see these on the Champs Élysées (fortunately):

Bastille Day parade, July 1995. [Photo by me.]
Bastille Day parade, Paris, July 1995. [Photo by me.]
This just hit me. That child caught in frame? Somewhere, she is (hopefully) now nearly twenty years older.

Lastly, want to join the Foreign Legion?:

Paris, July 1995. [Photo by me.]
Paris, July 1995. [Photo by me.]
I didn’t. While I was inside, a legionnaire was all smiles and rather chatty with me. (I slipped that into a scene in Passports.) So I made sure I didn’t sign anything. 😉

Oh, and the young woman walking towards the trailer (with her back to the camera)? She is someone I, uh, used to know.

Yeh, yeh, don’t look at me with that, oh-ho, skeptical expression. I’m not the only one. I’m darn well sure there are those out there you used to know too.

Life whizzes by us so very quickly, doesn’t it?

I’m gonna get all sentimental here, so I’d better stop.

Have a good Friday! 🙂


P.S. If I put up my personal photos here, it means I’m not fussed about “sharing” them. If you do “borrow” any for your own sites, though, all I ask is you give me a link and a kind mention. I don’t bite. We’re friends here. 😉

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