Getaway To Ireland

We got back yesterday after three nights in Ireland...

Fleeing Abroad (Or Loudly Claiming You Will)

Clauda Tanios has turned one up again: My initial reaction: have any of them actually checked with Canada? We seem to go through this ritual now with every U.S. presidential election. I first recall reading of this "leaving the country" stuff in 2000 - during Bush v. Gore. Okay, perhaps I'm not the best one … Continue reading Fleeing Abroad (Or Loudly Claiming You Will)

“Paris” Will Always Capture U.S. Headlines

There has been criticism in some media and social media quarters over the avalanche of U.S. media reporting on the November 13 Paris massacres. Pointed to especially has been the comparatively far lesser coverage of the November 12 Beirut suicide blasts, in which over 40 were killed. The disparity between the two has prompted accusations … Continue reading “Paris” Will Always Capture U.S. Headlines

I Made Clauda “Lol”

Drove up to London yesterday and will be driving back to Wiltshire later. It will be a busy non-writing day overall. It's shaping up as the sort of one I'm always of seriously two minds about, because a non-writing day is, fundamentally, a non-productive day in any novelist's life. But if you drop by regularly, … Continue reading I Made Clauda “Lol”

CNN Urges One Thing, But Your State Department Urges The Opposite

Over the years, I've been to some "problematic" places. You may have been, too. We know most people one meets in the world are fine. Enter CNN's Anthony Bourdain. An American, he has just been to "back to Beirut." He says he loves the city: And it's wonderful he loves it. Certainly he's not alone. … Continue reading CNN Urges One Thing, But Your State Department Urges The Opposite

Surviving The “Wobbles”

You never know what out there will provide eventual story material. Subconsciously, I'm always on the look out. In a real sense, I'm always working. I try, but I can't usually just switch my mind "off." I find I pay attention to most "everything." But I know I also have to do so without everyone … Continue reading Surviving The “Wobbles”

Second Edition of Beirut Summer Fashion Week by L.I.P.S

A change of pace for today. Let’s have an “international style” break. Specifically, an in person fashion report.

Enjoy. And have a good Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

– Robert. 🙂



50 m catwalk, with more than 10 fashion shows over 5 days from the 19th till the 23rd of May 2015 at St. Georges Yacht Club & Marina.

I fully subscribe to the idea that art has to be well executed and manifest the artist’s prowess. This is what the fashion designer Ivanna Mackova actually did. Her innovative cuts were matched by her innovative fabrics. I cannot describe her work by any other word than “Avant-Garde”.

Moreover and most importantly, the collection presents a perfect balance of translucence and secretiveness in his semi sheer garments layered together, in black and white. In these clothes I could see a designer who grew up in a certain environment without growing out of it. She is not a designer who had a chance to manifest her experience, and take it to a more mature and elegant dimension. Therefore the dresses she…

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Taking A Short Breather

We have friends coming to stay over tonight. (Don't smirk. I have friends!) Although you may see me on Twitter, I'm planning on taking a couple of days' breather from here. And it's the May Bank Holiday weekend, too. I should be back Tuesday. I've been doing lots of non-blogging writing all week and I'm … Continue reading Taking A Short Breather

Various Thoughts: 23 April 2015

UPDATE 2: 16:50 (4:50 pm) UK time: I see no one jumped at (or so far even reacted at all to) my Periscope idea. So I'll presume the answer's "No"? 😉 As you can also see, given I'm writing this, there has been no ninja attack on my house today.... as of yet. * * … Continue reading Various Thoughts: 23 April 2015

Our Old School Chums

Today, this blog is in "Hala mania" hangover mode. If you missed the party, it was not something that happens here very often. Thanks to my interviewing Lebanese journalist Hala Feghaly on Monday, through yesterday I'd been inundated with new visitors, mostly from Lebanon. Yes, yes, yes, I know they came by for her, so … Continue reading Our Old School Chums

In The Sunshine

Calm has returned after Lebanese journalist Hala Feghaly's presence on my modest blog here attracted a pop star-level horde of visitors yesterday. Yet I'm seeing yesterday's trend beginning again this morning. I've had many more visitors than usual this early in the day (around 7 am, as I post this), which makes sense as Lebanon … Continue reading In The Sunshine

A Very Special Post: An Interview With Hala Feghaly

UPDATE: 18:15, UK time: Hello, Lebanon! What a mob scene! I think I have gotten more visitors from your country just today than, well, in total over the whole life of my modest novelist blog! I hope you enjoy what you read below. I'm sure you will. And thank you for stopping by. 🙂 * * * It's … Continue reading A Very Special Post: An Interview With Hala Feghaly

No Plans To Evacuate (At This Time)

In 2006, the U.S. State Department helped organize a mass evacuation of U.S. citizens from Lebanon during the Hezbollah-Israel war. However, currently, there seems no similar urgency on the part of the U.S. to evacuate a far smaller number of U.S. citizens from Yemen. Lawsuits have even been filed challenging the government's not doing so. … Continue reading No Plans To Evacuate (At This Time)

We’ve All Had “Our First Post”

I'm still "in the zone." Yesterday was the best example in this recent "burst" of creativity. I got through an entire chapter, start to finish, and added several other pages here and there. With that, I've got almost 25,000 words now. Parts (of this in-progress third novel) are starting to read much more like a … Continue reading We’ve All Had “Our First Post”

Genève Aéroport

On Saturday, our ski week in France sadly ended. As all good things do. 😦 We flew back to London from Geneva, Switzerland - which is about an hour's drive from where we'd stayed in La Clusaz. Geneva Airport isn't huge. It feels rather "dated" as well. However, it also has corridors covered with wall … Continue reading Genève Aéroport