The Heart Of Writing

Yesterday was something of a "milestone" in writing the planned new book. I have all of the chapters "framed" from beginning to end...

FACT: Editors May Need Editors

No human being *is* ever, and no group *are* ever, a virus.

The Real Cowards

I open Twitter regularly to find brave retweets about not messin' with Texas, and Jefferson quoters telling us this is all invented. It's just a bit of flu, they declare. We all gotta die of "sumthin", they add...

Set To “Private”

It was disgraceful. It was also a punch in the face reminder of what I had despised about Twitter and why I had decided to back away from it some years ago.

Three Points

I have only to look at the origin countries of my daily visitors. Often I find myself asking, "Who are you? Why are you here? I have never sold a book in your country (insofar as I know)?" Usually I never learn the answers to such questions.

The “Editors”

Much as her self-appointed arbiter of “good writing” popped up to troll tweet Ms. Avon, I feel the same could apply to that passage above: “Rewrite needed.” Why? Ahem, well...

“I don’t know, I wasn’t there…”

Here, just north of London, may I at least have a cup of coffee first, I just woke up. My personal view in the face of all of this now increasingly may be summed up in six words: "I don't know, I wasn't there."

“I’ll mention Marshal Foch; that’ll impress them…”

University department cocktail party-style chit-chat - [he thinks] "I'll mention Marshal Foch; that'll impress them..." - like that dropped on Twitter trying to be passed off as journalism is I feel an excellent example of why the current US president enjoys lots of support when he criticizes certain media and reporters as conjuring up "fake news."

When “The Future” Is Over

Sadly, it appears that "the future" we had hoped for two decades ago, is over.

The “Vanishing”

But there are always idiots out there, of course. Minutes after the defeat, I got a Twitter reminder.

Twitter: A Great Idea, But…

I advise anyone now to be cautious, very cautious, on Twitter. The only reason I have not deleted my account is because I do like engaging carefully with decent people when possible. And many readers now expect authors to have Twitter accounts.

“But I can’t ‘unfriend’ a cousin?!”

Yesterday, I finally had enough. Three or four more appeared. I got so fed up with receiving Facebook email post notifications from a relation here in Britain that I went into the settings and turned them off. There is a general election scheduled for June 8, when the current prime minister's party may be returned … Continue reading “But I can’t ‘unfriend’ a cousin?!”

The Notebook

Happy Monday! Back on Friday morning, writing a bit in the cold of the house waiting for the heat to be restored, I was penning a "three-way" argument. Suddenly one of the characters is shouting at another. After I finished, a continuity issue hit me: I realized in the shouting I had gotten carried away … Continue reading The Notebook

And If Only Humphrey Bogart Voted?

The highly regarded political polling and prediction site FiveThirtyEight reported the other day that if only men voted, Republican nominee Donald Trump would overwhelmingly defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton and win the U.S. presidency: However, the outcome would be vastly different if ONLY women voted. In that scenario, Clinton would, uh, thump Trump: If you are … Continue reading And If Only Humphrey Bogart Voted?

It’s “Official”: I Hate iOS10

I know it does not matter what someone like me says about something like this. And I know I wrote "nice" things about iPhones yesterday morning. And I do like my iPad and my "old" iPhone. But I want to "note" this regardless. Yesterday afternoon I had a technology horror that, frankly, I have not … Continue reading It’s “Official”: I Hate iOS10