From This Author’s Desktop… Today

That was quite a post. You probably wish I would start writing a new novel sooner rather than later. After all, when I finally do, I will have less time to blog. LOL!

So Many Novel Thoughts

I had not planned it this way. This turned into a long and in-depth post, and if you don't want to stick around I fully understand. If you choose to do so, as you scroll down I hope you find parts interesting and maybe even offering some "advice" to you if you write too.

Writers Talking Writing, Part 6

I don't see a problem with tweeting a couple of times a day. That said, I don't see how some of the writers in Twitter's #writingcommunity actually write anything. It does often appear many seem to do little but tweet... about writing! LOL!

#writingcommunity 4 This Sunday

I decided to give the manuscript a rest for a couple of days. What else to do? Hmm. Maybe loiter around the office "water cooler?" Last night, I made the mistake of scrolling again through #writingcommunity Twitter...

#WritingCommunity 3

I am taking this opportunity to read the Tomorrow manuscript out loud. It is one of the last things I do...

Me, Myself, And The Catskills

My father and my sister came up to the Catskills with me on Sunday. They returned home to Pennsylvania this morning. So for some weeks to come... I am home alone in the Catskills.