75 Years On

During the day I found my mind drifting to thinking about several of my family who served in uniform.

“An attempt to explain to the English reader….”

Last year here in London at my in-laws, I stumbled on a virtually pristine 1948 British published hardcover of Raymond Chandler's famous The Big Sleep. Yesterday, I found another 1940s hardcover; it's condition isn't quite as good, but it still possesses a mostly intact dust jacket. It's a 1944 book by a British academic: That … Continue reading “An attempt to explain to the English reader….”

Harlan Coben Inadvertently Offends Poland

Best-selling author Harlan Coben has accidentally ended up in hot water with.... Poland: The power, and danger, of words. An English e-book version of one of his novels had the phrase "Polish concentration camp," which in English could easily be read as implying it was a concentration camp run by Poles or by the government … Continue reading Harlan Coben Inadvertently Offends Poland

Lunchtime Impromptu Book Club

I've gotten into War and Remembrance a bit now. It being lunchtime (and after I'd spent much of the morning with "Mark" and "James" and struggling with two - that's right, two - pages), as I eat my sandwich here at my desk I thought I'd share some initial thoughts on Herman Wouk's incredible tome. … Continue reading Lunchtime Impromptu Book Club

The “Shock” Is, We’re With Janice?

I have been working my way through The Winds of War novel. I'm now about 1,035 pages through it, so I'm almost to the end. On the horizon, though, is its sequel: War and Remembrance (which was a Christmas present). Reading the likes of those is one way I "relax" - yes, seriously - away from … Continue reading The “Shock” Is, We’re With Janice?

Brief Explanation (For Americans): Why Europe Has Anti-Hate Speech Laws

In the wake of the massive "Je Suis Charlie" rally in Paris following the murders at Charlie Hebdo magazine and the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket, we are inevitably seeing some U.S.-based media now questioning France's commitment to free speech. Why? Because France has anti-hate speech laws. One example: Some background, and context, clearly appears to … Continue reading Brief Explanation (For Americans): Why Europe Has Anti-Hate Speech Laws

World War II: “What does it say about us?”

If you visit my modest site here regularly, you know I write novels revolving around young Americans abroad in the 1990s - in France in particular. Unsurprisingly, I have many French characters, one of whom is a Second World War veteran. Before heading down that literary path, as an academic I'd studied the war and … Continue reading World War II: “What does it say about us?”

“Tough Without A Gun”

Having finished the sequel's story, to clear my head for a few days before plunging into revision, corrections, etc., I've decided on some, uh, relaxing reading: That biography of Humphrey Bogart was a birthday present from my mother-in-law. She knows Bogart is my favo(u)rite actor. Technical assistance in making the purchase was provided by my … Continue reading “Tough Without A Gun”