Being A “NWIP” Author

I have some ideas, and scraps here and there; but that's all. So what does a "NWIP (no work-in-progress) author" do the day after the latest "magnum opus" is published? Well, he heads for Wales...

Getaway To Wales

No invading army ever took Pembroke Castle. Needless to say the café inside was never reached either, so no conqueror ever enjoyed one of its excellent cappuccinos.

Post-Flight Reflections

Our British Airways flight from Boston to Heathrow on Friday evening was full. According to the Captain, there wasn't an empty seat on the plane - and it was a 747-400. So Going Global's piece on U.S. domestic air travel numbers being higher than in years might well be said to apply to transatlantic flights … Continue reading Post-Flight Reflections