An Education

For as presumably one of "those" charged with having "conspired" to "hide" distasteful stuff about American history and politics from eager to learn young people fully committed to the ever-sponge-like soaking up of the past, and who could not be torn from the library bookstacks, this evidently needs stating plainly.

To You Other Pessimists Out There

The first time I ever mentioned - back in university nearly three decades ago - that I was interested in visiting France, my mother turned to me and was immediately harshly negative: "Are you nuts? They hate us."

Creatively Speaking

Remember Jane Austen, for one, certainly did not possess any degree; she barely even set a foot in what we consider a school.

When “The Future” Is Over

Sadly, it appears that "the future" we had hoped for two decades ago, is over.

“419,000” Followers: For This

When I saw that retweeted into my timeline the other day, what was my reaction? I could only think… here’s another idea: read a history book.


I do not agree with the increasingly common assertion that adult readers "need to see themselves" in a character in order to be interested in a book. In fact, I believe rather the opposite.

Weekend In Cambridge

Bridge Street started to go into “night mode” during our meal, as people, particularly women, dressed up for a Saturday night out began to saunter by.

“Just going out for a drink with her, dear”

As a romantic fiction author, I could not resist addressing this here. This NYT article is primarily about a survey regarding attitudes when it comes to people interacting and socializing with those of the opposite sex . . . who aren't their spouses: It being Twitter there as well, quickly matters moved into snarks about … Continue reading “Just going out for a drink with her, dear”

On Vieques Island

Continuing our two week Puerto Rico "adventure," on Wednesday we flew from San Juan here to Vieques Island (just off Puerto Rico's east coast) by Cessna prop plane: Yes, really. We had last been on planes like that in Australia and New Zealand years ago. I'm always a bit apprehensive about them - the one … Continue reading On Vieques Island

Viewed From This England

We've been watching the political-melodrama U.S. TV series Madam Secretary. But you don't need to know the details of the program to get this post. I thought I'd use it as a basis for some "fun" today - it's Friday - mostly due to the episode we just saw and because, as you probably know, … Continue reading Viewed From This England

This Writer’s Yesterday

What do novelists do all day? My uncle had told me any writer gets asked that question regularly. So I thought that I'd try to explain what this one did ... yesterday. Now that the holidays are over, I have no excuses. I've decided to target finishing Conventions by the end of January. We'll see … Continue reading This Writer’s Yesterday

A Not So “Ordinary” Girl

A new follower caught my attention the other day. She did so not so much because of her amazing blog. Rather, I was struck by her utter lack of one. In her WordPress gravatar she calls herself an "ordinary girl" and writes that she's not social, but uses social sites to explore. She says nothing … Continue reading A Not So “Ordinary” Girl

A Recollection Of A Christmas Past

We drove down to north London yesterday to visit relatives: It being yet another Monday, it's time to get back to work. I hope you'll excuse a Christmas recollection, but it's that time of the year again. You'll understand why in a moment. Let me explain... That biography of Thomas Jefferson was a professor's Christmas … Continue reading A Recollection Of A Christmas Past

It Takes A Village (In England)

I had a haircut in the village yesterday. The woman who cuts it regularly has previously told me she's 22 years old. She also has a half-brother who lives in the United States (in the Midwest) and is married to an American woman. Let's call her "Sophie." I don't know much about her non-work life, … Continue reading It Takes A Village (In England)

Once Upon A Time, There Were Only Blogs…

We don't think a lot about it. But we have to remind ourselves how potentially dangerous spending too much time in front of screens may be. By midday Friday, I found myself developing a terrible headache. Too much time writing and staring at my Microsoft Surface in recent days had probably been the main culprit. … Continue reading Once Upon A Time, There Were Only Blogs…