At This Journey’s End

Hello. I'm typing this on March 11 mid-afternoon here at a lounge in Newark Airport (in New Jersey), a few hours before our flight back to the UK. I think it'll make for blog post on arrival "home" in England. Around us on the sofas and chairs in the busy room are assorted people, some … Continue reading At This Journey’s End

It’s Not Just About Enjoying “Downton Abbey”

The other day, we had a vital Amazon delivery: It arrived while I had been doing bits of work around the house. My London-born wife was out. That's one of her preferred teas here in the U.S. Later that same day, she joined me in watching a DVD she'd bought me for Christmas: A&E's film … Continue reading It’s Not Just About Enjoying “Downton Abbey”

After Worrying Months, The Letter Arrives

I was reading still more late 18th century mail yesterday. This correspondence is almost entirely in French, and went on between an American man and a French woman. These two, shall we say, seriously fancied each other. One thing that struck me is how his French is proper and relatively easy for an American reading … Continue reading After Worrying Months, The Letter Arrives

“America? Nope, never heard of it.”

Recently, the BBC was out and about, questioning people in London, India, and Singapore: A practical point: the BBC's social media linkage there is useless. I can't see how to link directly to that update (for your ease in accessing it). The "Share" facility for some dopey reason takes one only to the entire page, … Continue reading “America? Nope, never heard of it.”

Fleeing Abroad (Or Loudly Claiming You Will)

Clauda Tanios has turned one up again: My initial reaction: have any of them actually checked with Canada? We seem to go through this ritual now with every U.S. presidential election. I first recall reading of this "leaving the country" stuff in 2000 - during Bush v. Gore. Okay, perhaps I'm not the best one … Continue reading Fleeing Abroad (Or Loudly Claiming You Will)

Memo To Romance Authors: Nazis Are NOT “Leading Men”

[WARNING: This post contains an upsetting photograph.] Our imaginations and personal interests will invariably take us down our own writing paths. It's any author's right to invent what he/she wishes to invent. Our creativity means everything. So I'm not one usually to hit out at other authors' chosen fictional subject matter. Yet there are times … Continue reading Memo To Romance Authors: Nazis Are NOT “Leading Men”

And Where The Heck Is That Accent From Exactly?

At Swiss border control at Geneva Airport yesterday, I ended up within earshot of a "middle aged" American woman as I heard her explaining herself to the border agent. Apparently he had questioned her as to why she was in Switzerland. She stumbled a bit over words as she replied that she was here for … Continue reading And Where The Heck Is That Accent From Exactly?

“An attempt to explain to the English reader….”

Last year here in London at my in-laws, I stumbled on a virtually pristine 1948 British published hardcover of Raymond Chandler's famous The Big Sleep. Yesterday, I found another 1940s hardcover; it's condition isn't quite as good, but it still possesses a mostly intact dust jacket. It's a 1944 book by a British academic: That … Continue reading “An attempt to explain to the English reader….”

The Habits Of Sundays

A lazy Sunday morning here near Bristol. It caused me to recall what "todays" were while growing up on the other side. Memories of years long past. Everyone's home life is distinctive. Back on Long Island, Sundays were special in our house. My mother maintained her routine long after I'd moved out and away, and … Continue reading The Habits Of Sundays

See You Next In The 18th Century

It is a great way to start the new year: yesterday, the light bulb went on over my head. I don't recall precisely what had led my mind down this route. However, one irritation certainly helped encourage me. We see this a lot. Recently on Twitter, I encountered yet another person who authoritatively tweets easily … Continue reading See You Next In The 18th Century

How “Powerful” Is Your Passport?

This is an interesting web site, and it got me thinking. It's called the "Passport Index." It ranks the world's passports by "power": The "most powerful" are not too surprising. That ranking is due to how many countries you can visit as a tourist on that passport without needing to obtain a visa. In the … Continue reading How “Powerful” Is Your Passport?

Trump-ed Up Hysteria

In recent days, we have all encountered it on television and the internet. We are lectured by bombastic voices that all people holding the Islamic faith overseas should not be allowed to set foot in the U.S. (temporarily, of course, we are also dutifully informed by some) because it's a religion that includes terrorists. At … Continue reading Trump-ed Up Hysteria

Happy Thanksgiving! (Now Let’s Wreck Our Family?)

Based on my novels' overall background subject matter, on here as you know invariably some nods are given to the realities of politics. But that's all. This site is NOT about partisan politics, we're readers and writers here. So this post is not some shocking change of pace. It's not about "politics." However, a few … Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving! (Now Let’s Wreck Our Family?)

Welcome To Clooney, Berkshire

Seems I've missed this. "Where have you been?" my wife asked. Umm, I've been working on my book, that's where!: So the Clooneys have been creating "issues" in the local village. True, it's likely many of the locals don't mind having them as neighbors. It will put the community on the map. Naturally, he brings … Continue reading Welcome To Clooney, Berkshire

Available From November 29

....on paperback and for Kindle: And available for pre-order now for Kindle at.... ....and at other Amazons worldwide. This "sticky post" will be up until shortly after that 29th. Unless I decide to take it down before, of course. The reason for it is I just wanted to prominently reshare the full cover and the … Continue reading Available From November 29