This Fourth

In 2020 as Americans yet again we are extra-engaged in reflecting upon what we were and what we are, what we believe, whether we really act on what we state we believe, and how we may put such beliefs into better practice.

In A Horrible National Place

I have not been this depressed since the afternoon of September 11, 2001; and I know I am not alone in that.

The Americans In The Shires

"What do you think of Meghan?" I was recently asked by a woman barber. "She's a harmless actor now playing the role of a lifetime," I chuckled...

The Dangers Of Literature

Flying within the US, that classic novel got me, uh, "in trouble" - twice.

From Yellowstone

The real reason we are here in the US: my niece and nephew wanted to go to Yellowstone Park. Months ago, we said, “Sure.”

On This Fourth Of July 2019

To my fellow Americans, wherever you are in the world, Happy Independence Day. 🙂

Madison’s USA Eludes Paris NPR Reporter

Hello from rural Pennsylvania! On Saturday we flew over to the US as you saw yesterday if you follow me on Instagram. In explaining, I had a bit of "1700s" fun in describing the journey in the English of that era: We're here mostly to see my father and to spend time in the Catskills. … Continue reading Madison’s USA Eludes Paris NPR Reporter

After Eight Years Of Quiet…

I've written before that this is not a politics site and that I will not push my personal political opinions at you. You don't care about what I think and I don't blame you. My views aren't important. However, sometimes politics must come up when addressing certain issues. And it may be unavoidable to touch … Continue reading After Eight Years Of Quiet…

Inauguration Day (30 April 1789)

Recently elected President George Washington - the first president under the then just ratified Constitution (under which the U.S. government still operates) - delivered his inaugural address in New York City on April 30, 1789. The text is eight - that's right, only eight - pages long and is in his handwriting. Held at the … Continue reading Inauguration Day (30 April 1789)

History: Unfollowed

Ah, Monday morning: And less than two weeks before the inauguration of a new U.S. president who has not exactly charmed half the people in the country, we need this? Yesterday, History on Instagram shared some "history" with us. Good grief. First, nothing in that History Insta-caption above is outright false. However, it is an … Continue reading History: Unfollowed

As Decided In Philadelphia

Well, my absentee ballot has arrived here in Britain. The election is almost upon us. I vote in New York state, in the 19th congressional district, which is located upstate partly in the Catskills where our house is: Let me offer a quick explanation of that ballot because this fact might baffle some people. The … Continue reading As Decided In Philadelphia

Living With A Legacy

Emma has returned from a summer in Charleston, South Carolina. She has written various posts detailing how she'd had a wonderful time. We've been there, too; Charleston is definitely a gorgeous city. Now, she tackles THAT question: I think this is one of the things I’ve heard the most when I was in the U.S. … Continue reading Living With A Legacy

That Wide Ocean

America's top official in France from 1785-1789, forty-something Thomas Jefferson, came to believe U.S. diplomats should not be overseas more than about eight years at a stretch. He felt if they (and they were then only men) were, they would lose touch with events and opinions at home. As a result, they would eventually be … Continue reading That Wide Ocean

Drama At Sea

One of the troubles with writing is you feel awkward discussing what you did at work today with those humanly closest to you. It is simply too difficult to explain. It just feels more comfortable to take to a keyboard and share it online with social media friends and readers who follow because YOU want … Continue reading Drama At Sea

“Land of lovely dames”

A bit more "history." Please don't run for cover. I think you'll find this amusing - especially given this is 4th of July weekend in the U.S.: That excerpt is from a recent biography. The first part is from a 1782 letter written by the subject while he was traveling; the second half is from … Continue reading “Land of lovely dames”