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Writers: What Influences And Inspires You?

Writers: What Influences And Inspires You?

I'm at last getting back to work now that the house move is largely finished. You may recall that I've written previously that I managed to get through BOTH The Winds of War and War and Remembrance. (Author Herman Wouk is now 101 years old!) Written in the 1960s and 1970s, both massive novels (over … Continue reading Writers: What Influences And Inspires You?

Lunchtime Impromptu Book Club

Lunchtime Impromptu Book Club

I've gotten into War and Remembrance a bit now. It being lunchtime (and after I'd spent much of the morning with "Mark" and "James" and struggling with two - that's right, two - pages), as I eat my sandwich here at my desk I thought I'd share some initial thoughts on Herman Wouk's incredible tome. … Continue reading Lunchtime Impromptu Book Club

“Urgent cable for you….”

FROM: ROBERT TO: YOU SUBJECT: FINISHED WINDS OF WAR DONE 1428 UK TIME REMEMBRANCE SITS OMINOUSLY ON SHELF STOP WARMEST REGARDS Surely I had to share that amazing news in the style of a 1941 telegram! 😉 ______ UPDATE: Don't forget, tomorrow (Monday), I've got quite an interesting post planned. If you can, pop by! … Continue reading “Urgent cable for you….”

The “Shock” Is, We’re With Janice?

The “Shock” Is, We’re With Janice?

I have been working my way through The Winds of War novel. I'm now about 1,035 pages through it, so I'm almost to the end. On the horizon, though, is its sequel: War and Remembrance (which was a Christmas present). Reading the likes of those is one way I "relax" - yes, seriously - away from … Continue reading The “Shock” Is, We’re With Janice?

“In the lobby of the Savoy….”

I've detected a pattern in myself post-publications. I can't look at the books for some time afterwards, probably because I've been so swallowed up by them for over a year while writing them. But after a few weeks working on a follow up, simultaneously I start to re-read its predecessor. Writing is draining. My own … Continue reading “In the lobby of the Savoy….”

I Hate Repeating Myself

There was a time I inhabited a realm in which I had imagined I wanted to write a MASSIVE novel. Fortunately I came to my senses quickly, cut Passports to a sensible length, and saved lots for a sequel or two, or three. After all, I mean, really, who's got time to read and digest … Continue reading I Hate Repeating Myself

Gentle Reminder: Making Stuff Up Is Called “Fiction”

BBC Magazine, September 5: A point of view: When historical fiction is more truthful than historical fact "More truthful" are the key words in that headline. An historian would argue that mixing fiction with history is precisely where a great danger lies. However, according to Lisa Jardine, a professor of Renaissance Studies (in the Humanities) … Continue reading Gentle Reminder: Making Stuff Up Is Called “Fiction”


The Winds of War novel arrived on Sunday. More reading! Lots more! The first order went astray, so Amazon.co.uk dispatched another. The historical timeframe in which Winds is set got me thinking about how, pre-internet, pre-blogs, I'd have informed you I'd received the book at last. I might have sent you a telegram: WINDS ARRIVED … Continue reading OLD CARY GRANT FINE

“Byron, have you ever been to Warsaw?”

Recuperating, my Dad found The Winds of War mini-series on Netflix. Couldn't resist it. We sat and watched the first two episodes together yesterday afternoon and evening. Based on Herman Wouk's 1971 novel about Americans in Europe before Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into World War II, it was shown originally in February 1983. … Continue reading “Byron, have you ever been to Warsaw?”