Welcome To The United Kingdom, Meghan (Repost)

Appropriate today, I think for a "repost." Aside from the very end, I originally posted what follows on November 28, 2017...

“My wife is going to read this…”

I have learned over the years that writing "sex" is tremendously difficult. The fundamental problem is trying to put sex into words: I write such scenes over and over...

My Novels, My Characters, My Business

You may know I try mostly to keep a relaxed tone here. I'm not interested in being contentious. However, there are times when even a romance-history-fiction novelist has to speak up on suggested public policy initiatives and plant a flag, and I apologize in advance. Back on Sunday night, the TV Baftas here in Britain … Continue reading My Novels, My Characters, My Business

Little Big Annoyances

Yesterday, we watched the first two episodes of Big Little Lies starring Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman: Within moments as the first episode opened, this program felt gratingly familiar. If you are new here, you might have missed where I explained (wow, almost 2 years ago now) how The Affair that was not exactly my … Continue reading Little Big Annoyances

Viewed From This England

We've been watching the political-melodrama U.S. TV series Madam Secretary. But you don't need to know the details of the program to get this post. I thought I'd use it as a basis for some "fun" today - it's Friday - mostly due to the episode we just saw and because, as you probably know, … Continue reading Viewed From This England

Victoria Again Reigns

Have you been watching Victoria? We set up to record it before we went off to France. We came home to find the first three episodes happily awaiting viewing. I know I'm a bit behind, but we should be caught up this week. We watched the first episode last night. Based on its reviews and … Continue reading Victoria Again Reigns

Starring Not That Louis

Caught up in writing and other life matters, I had somehow totally missed promos for this new BBC series. I learned of its existence only last night just after the opening episode was underway on BBC 2. So I didn't see it: I had just gotten back from Luton Airport with the Mrs when I … Continue reading Starring Not That Louis

It’s Not Just About Enjoying “Downton Abbey”

The other day, we had a vital Amazon delivery: It arrived while I had been doing bits of work around the house. My London-born wife was out. That's one of her preferred teas here in the U.S. Later that same day, she joined me in watching a DVD she'd bought me for Christmas: A&E's film … Continue reading It’s Not Just About Enjoying “Downton Abbey”

Talking With The Cast

The other night Sir Bruce Forsyth was a guest on the BBC's One Show. He has been best known most recently as host of the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. The U.S. version is Dancing With The Stars. Within moments, it became clear why he was on the program. He has a book out about his … Continue reading Talking With The Cast

An NFL Team In London?

My novelist uncle in Rhode Island was messaging me again yesterday. It wasn't about writing or books, which I actually find useful. This time is was about the NFL's New York Jets playing at London's Wembley Stadium this weekend. Are they? I had no idea. Regardless, he should be writing his next book (I'm still … Continue reading An NFL Team In London?

USA Eagles In The Rugby World Cup 2015

The USA Eagles are 2500-1 underdogs to win the Rugby World Cup 2015. So what? Only 20 countries play in the final tournament - which is being held here in England this year. If this is all new to you, here is a USA Eagles preview by the Guardian's excellent rugby writer, Martin Pengelly: Their … Continue reading USA Eagles In The Rugby World Cup 2015

Crazies And Villains (A Nationality Predictor)

While watching several West Wing episodes again recently, it struck me once more. Remember when President Bartlet's daughter, Zoe, had the French boyfriend? Jean-Paul? He resembled Rafael Nadal. He was obnoxious, filthy rich, snobbish, aristocratic, and did drugs. He was, frankly, a stereotypical upper-class French, early 20s, horror. That led me to recall this: I've … Continue reading Crazies And Villains (A Nationality Predictor)

Blockhead On Block Island

I sat through the 4th episode of The Affair. He took her to Block Island. Ugh. They've ruined Block Island now, too. You may have already read my reactions to episodes here and here. This post is more of a general take on how it portrays relationships. It's more serious than the earlier ones. I … Continue reading Blockhead On Block Island

What Did Montauk Do To Deserve This?

It's Friday. Yesterday was "heavy." Let's have some fun. Before you read on, if you missed the earlier post on this subject, you may want to click here. The caveats and essential points are there, in "Part 1." This is "Part 2." At the end of that "Part 1," I promised an update if I … Continue reading What Did Montauk Do To Deserve This?

An Affair (Not Yet To Remember)

You may know I'm rarely critical of most others' writing efforts. That's largely because I readily appreciate how difficult it is to pen fiction. Moreover, I never offer book reviews here because I believe they are best left to any author's truly interested readership or to reviewers/ bloggers who review books regularly. And I've got … Continue reading An Affair (Not Yet To Remember)