PUBLISHED: A Free Short Story (Part 1)

We should not be afraid to talk to each other when we travel...

Free Reading In The Crisis

Spending more time on Twitter recently, I see as well that lots of writers are extra-pushing their books. Some are making them free, even calling them (in my opinion, rather tackily) "Coronavirus sales."

“And out comes her phone”

A pleasant Saturday morning: Slowly the short story is coming together. Here's a tiny peek. This is the first new draft writing I've shared since Conventions was published: "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas" ... the 1790s... for the time being at least. Ah, traveling. Always a variety of unexpected happenings. And so … Continue reading “And out comes her phone”

Tuesday Motivation

Hello again! I'm back here in England since Saturday. The jet lag is fading... It is also initially occasionally a mild "culture" shock returning here after a visit to the States. It takes a day or so once again to get used to not encountering irritating traffic lights and awkward STOP signs at every intersection … Continue reading Tuesday Motivation