“Bond” Can’t Just Jet Off To Mecca Because You Want Him To

“Bond” Can’t Just Jet Off To Mecca Because You Want Him To

Yesterday, spy novelist Jeremy Duns - creator of the Paul Dark novels - shared this discovery on Twitter: It's a "James Bond" novel. However, there's just one small problem with it: The "Bond" character, created by Ian Fleming, who died in 1964, is still in most jurisdictions protected by copyright. You cannot just self-publish a [...]

Novelist Uncle Is In The Building

Well, I had an email exchange with my uncle last night. He knows now about my books completely - including my pen name and what underscores the stories. The mask is off. I can't reproduce much of his note back to me. Lots of it is family stuff. But these extracts should give you the [...]

Creating Mayhem As Midnight Approaches

After several days of thinking hard about it, I took the HUGE decision at last: yes, I would finally tell my novelist uncle in America that I've written (and I'm still writing) novels under a pen name. What pushed me over the edge was asking myself, "Suppose he were to pass away and I never [...]

“Delays, delays, delays”

For some reason, among all my London commuting on trains or in traffic I clearly remember one episode years ago of being stuck on the Underground's Piccadilly line in north London. As the train waited motionless for what seemed like interminable minutes just outside a station (it was probably Arnos Grove), the driver came on [...]

Customer Experience

In proofing Frontiers, I am re-discovering that qualitative reading "difference" between print and e-books. Both versions have their pluses and minuses, and I still maintain I would not chuck out print books in exchange for e-books. E-books have their role, but they are not everything. I do final corrections by reading the paperback proof, scribbling [...]

The Office

Like great athletes, we world changing novelists have our writing superstitions, peculiarities and habits. I'm discovering mine include "routine" and "order" - which I sorely miss when I lack them. Meaning this is just not gonna cut it for much longer: Ahhhhh! That's to be our office here! Eventually! I'm trying desperately to finish the [...]

Bookends Of Christchurch….

....really deserves a plug here on my modest site: I found that Bookends bag - which, ironically, held some old forks and knives - while unpacking our kitchen. We had lived in Christchurch (next to larger Bournemouth) for over ten years (until we sold our house there in mid-2013). Last Christmas, right after Passports was [...]

Who’s Your Audience?

This part of Kate Colby's comment yesterday on my "Wall, Meet Head" post, helped prompt this post: ...looking at other books in your genre to see what works and doesn’t and figuring out other books/movies/etc. to compare you book to. Continuing on from that "blurb issue" yesterday, an important related question is this: "Who's your [...]

Wall, Meet Head

Shortly after I awoke at 5:15 (uh, that's "AM," just to be clear), the subject for this post hit me. You can write 100,000 words in a sweeping, multifaceted, transcontinental story. It may cover over a dozen major characters you struggle to bring to life, to make them "people" with all of their individual layers, [...]

Amazon Reviews

Like most of you, I receive those post-Amazon purchase emails which ask for a review and a "1 to 5 star" rating. That's hardly earthshaking blog material, I know. What prompted this post is I received one the other day for a friend's new book: That email got me thinking. Regarding his book specifically, even [...]

Was It My “Blog Mob?”

We had a laugh yesterday. You may recall Tuesday's Purple Parrot post. About 8:45 AM UK time, I had posted about store-owning friends in Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol, who've said they will stock my novels. In doing so, I had linked directly to their site. About 11:30, I got an email from the Mrs. half [...]

High Street, Chipping Sodbury, England

Friends of ours have a shop outside of Bristol, in the market town of Chipping Sodbury. It's in a part of England where towns have names like that.... and Old Sodbury, uh, Little Sodbury, and - yes, really - Pucklechurch, among others. A way to shorthand describe the area to outsiders is that it could [...]

In The Home Stretch

Done. The sequel's story is now essentially finished. That's why no post here yesterday. I realized if I put my head down and devoted the entire day to it, I'd get across that line at last.... That's the second one. I first started "messing around" at (secretly) writing the first book at our then home in [...]

I May Soon Be “Discovered”

....although not in the way I had, uh, really wished. 😉 First, please pardon a quick plug, which also provides necessary background. I've written before about an English friend who was working on what I had tongue-in-cheek termed a serious "guy book." Along the way, when asked I offered him bits of independent publishing advice [...]

We All Love Free Stuff

Sandra Wheeler, whom I've mentioned several times recently, has been blogging her erotic novel, Falling In Cascades, for free. In a post yesterday, she tackles this question: Why on earth are you blogging your novel? Her answer's worth a read. She addresses the issues anyone who writes finds familiar. "Confidence" is perhaps the biggest one: [...]