An Education

For as presumably one of "those" charged with having "conspired" to "hide" distasteful stuff about American history and politics from eager to learn young people fully committed to the ever-sponge-like soaking up of the past, and who could not be torn from the library bookstacks, this evidently needs stating plainly.

Your Social Media Belongs To YOU

Well, another week is upon us. Another Monday. However, today is a bit different for me: It's my birthday! My presents there? All of Mad Men and The West Wing on DVD! Apparently, I share the same birthday (but definitely NOT the birth-year) with Beyoncé. Long before she was a star, when I was in … Continue reading Your Social Media Belongs To YOU

High Street Mornings

I wouldn't have trouble making "that 9:30 lecture" this morning. I woke up at 4:30. I'm typing this now with a first coffee at just after 6 AM. We know it isn't just university students who've returned to school. We live on our Hertfordshire village's high street, which is a busy stretch of road in … Continue reading High Street Mornings

“It will not be prudent, you guys…”

New students at Clark University in Massachusetts have been advised against using the expression "You guys" because it is deemed sexist. No alternative specific gathering greeting is suggested in the New York Times article that tweet references. We know American southerners famously say "y'all." The British may say "You lot." (However, reading the article "You … Continue reading “It will not be prudent, you guys…”

Those Happy School Memories

My brother-in-law had a "big" birthday yesterday - the same as I'd had back in September. At the party yesterday, which was held in a restaurant, we sat at a table with my youngest nephew, who's now 14. He held court, dominating the table talk. Also at our table were my wife, my mother-in-law and … Continue reading Those Happy School Memories