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A Small Tribute

While walking our dog a few days ago, I had a “brainstorm”: in the sequel, in London (some of it is taking place in Britain), I would give our deceased friend Kam […]


….no, no, I don’t mean Revenge the TV show. Although, I will admit, I like that show. It’s utterly ridiculous, and I suppose something of a guilty pleasure. What I mean is […]

It’s A Nightmare

Yesterday morning we were told our girlfriend’s ashes will be scattered on March 10. Busy with other things in recent weeks, I had forced her death (mostly) to one side, trying not […]

Love Scenes

Yes, yes, there is s-e-x in the novel! There. Okay. So have I gotten your attention? πŸ˜‰ Presumably, intimacy in a story revolving mostly around 20-somethings is not going to induce reader […]