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Webs Of Stories

Some local English lore for a Friday. A road name. I’d thought a prominent family named “Coward” might have once lived on, or their farm perhaps bordered, what is now the nearby Codicote street of that name:

The Test Of Time

I joked some months ago about Conventions: The Garden At Paris being my “Gone With The Wind.” That reference was meant primarily about the scale of the book and the fictional characters […]

Understanding Our Ancestors

As we know, Amazon reviews can make entertaining reading. Occasionally you have to remind yourself those reviewers actually saw the same film, or read the same book. Sometimes the strikingly different takeaways […]

Ballots Not Battle

As I have written previously, I do not take a public stance about British politics. I have my private opinions of course, and they’re known to family and friends. However, when you […]

The Four Questions

As a writer, over time you find you are generally asked these questions in order (over and over by different people): 1) What are you working on now? 2) When will it […]