Farewells In This Time Of Covid

At her father’s funeral, my wife could not hug her own mother.

Have You Learned To Fly A Broomstick?

I don’t know any Harry Potter fan who believes that author J.K. Rowling considers her fiction and entertainment-meant writings of magic wands, flying broomsticks, and quidditch competitions, as aiming at teaching and converting them as readers to her sect of "witches." Or maybe I'm wrong?

If I Ever Lose My Faith…

In my early-middle twenties, I thought much that same way as he writes. It all seemed hypocritical, absurd, and unnecessary. Then I met someone who suggested a perspective I had never before really considered...

The Role Of A Writer

Many of you I know have never visited the United States of America. Regardless you may still be interested in what people there may think, or may have thought (perhaps passionately), especially behind closed doors...

“419,000” Followers: For This

When I saw that retweeted into my timeline the other day, what was my reaction? I could only think… here’s another idea: read a history book.

Along The Norfolk Coast

Otherwise religiously indifferent British would likely go to battle stations if some government bureaucrat dared to inform them, "Look, attendance is so small, we will pull that church down and put up a brand new shopping centre."

Introducing “Ana”

Days ago, "Ana" did not "exist" and was nowhere on my creative radar, but a few moments on Instagram changed that.

Madison’s USA Eludes Paris NPR Reporter

Hello from rural Pennsylvania! On Saturday we flew over to the US as you saw yesterday if you follow me on Instagram. In explaining, I had a bit of "1700s" fun in describing the journey in the English of that era: We're here mostly to see my father and to spend time in the Catskills. … Continue reading Madison’s USA Eludes Paris NPR Reporter

Church At The Weekends

It's another Sunday here in Hertfordshire, England. We went to church last night. As we left, this post began to come to my mind. I've never been what my late mother used to call "crazy Catholic." She wasn't either; but she wasn't really vocal about either her belief or disbelief. She accepted communion in the … Continue reading Church At The Weekends

Weekend “Revelations”

It's rare that we have a chance to hear what a stranger, viewing us from a distance, thinks we are. I found out one's assumption. Over the weekend, one man in London told me. Leaving Mass, I shook hands with the priest, which is customary as a priest usually waits at the church door while … Continue reading Weekend “Revelations”

Understanding Our Ancestors

As we know, Amazon reviews can make entertaining reading. Occasionally you have to remind yourself those reviewers actually saw the same film, or read the same book. Sometimes the strikingly different takeaways are even found one right after another: Those are just two examples of a slew of "180 degree" opposing reactions to a film … Continue reading Understanding Our Ancestors

Rural England

England is a compact country of cities, towns, villages, and rural areas that often come up right against each other - little "middle ground" between them. While driving, one minute you may find you're in a town, and suddenly you are through it and in countryside. The change between urban and rural (and vice-versa) is … Continue reading Rural England


So much can happen, and we often learn so much, sitting around a table together: And in our hectic (and often upsetting) world, we should take time to slow down and reflect. We have to try to laugh, too. Family are coming by later for Sunday dinner. My niece is starting at Queen's University, Belfast, … Continue reading Gatherings

Chapel In The Woods

A few miles from our house, stands this. I drove over there on Tuesday and had a walk around it. At the time, I was the only one there: I'd been to it several times before. We even went to a Mass there several years ago. One is held there one day every year. It … Continue reading Chapel In The Woods

Always Believe In Yourself

Prepping for my trip to America next week, I'd had a FaceTime with my father yesterday. He said that the priest who'd overseen my mother's funeral has been reassigned after almost five years at that Pennsylvania parish. He was young, well-thought of, and popular. Dad was really unhappy about the priest's departure and told me … Continue reading Always Believe In Yourself