Overheard On The Playground

Now there is public Twitter, which often resembles a school playground with those kids who look to stick it to others behind the others’ backs...

“Adults” Only, Please

Shush... don't even mumble the words "new adult" please.

Never Forget: Publishing Is A Business

Writing may be all about "creativity" for you; but never forget that publishing is a business.

The Sound Of A Story

We tend in our 21st century to consider reading a silent and private endeavor. Yet for most of history reading was far more social than it is today.

The Winds Of Change

I don't want to think about "tech," I'm trying to write books. But I will say...

To Each Of You

From the outside, often it looked cool and glamorous (I remember sitting star-struck at him once telling me about meeting Sean Connery)...

No “Rivals” Here

I remember my uncle telling me he avoided reading manuscripts sent to him - mostly by acquaintances who wanted to write and sought advice.

Why Blog?

Social media is about, above all, being, well, social.

“New Adult” Fiction?

I thought that having done the Amazon ad for Conventions - and it is attracting interest - "How about the earlier books?"

For Non-Amazons Out There

In my previous post, discussing what I hope will be a new short story (as you may know, writing a short story is a new endeavor for me), I stated that it will be available "only" on Kindle. I have since amended the post because, afterward, as I thought about that, I realized that was … Continue reading For Non-Amazons Out There

“Freebies” For “Honest” Reviews?

Due to what I have seen regularly "out there," and with my brand new Conventions, as well as my first book, Passports, available on Kindle promo for 99c each until next week [UPDATE: it will run indefinitely], this awkward issue again jumped to my mind. I realized I have never addressed it here before. I … Continue reading “Freebies” For “Honest” Reviews?

My “Gone With The Wind” (I Laughed)

When you have finished the rough draft of your latest book one day earlier than you had targeted it for completion, what do you do? Well, I sat there stunned and shattered. Later, I watched an old film and decompressed: And I went for a quick walk: I did not go inside. I resisted. I … Continue reading My “Gone With The Wind” (I Laughed)

The All-Consuming “Monster”

On Friday, Kate Colby wrote a thoughtful post on "writing through your fear" - including on a writer needing to face down worries about receiving poor reviews. I liked it so much I left her this comment: Great post, Kate. So well put – especially on the fear of poor reviews issue. I’m sure no … Continue reading The All-Consuming “Monster”

Behind The Literary Mask

Writing in the New York Review of Books, an Italian journalist claims he may have uncovered the real-life identity of a pseudonymous huge selling Italian author: The perpetual "interest" some seem to have in who's actually "behind the mask" - and in "unmasking" them. LOTS of "Elena Ferrante's" readers are apparently ***NOT*** happy about this … Continue reading Behind The Literary Mask

What Fiction Is Supposed To Do

A well-regarded children's author on what "kids need to see" in books: And who could really take issue with that? It seems reasonable enough. And not being a children's author I have no opinion about what children's authors believe "kids need" - kids are their audience after all. Yet as I thought about it, something … Continue reading What Fiction Is Supposed To Do