I Dissent

If you support him, I apologize. But this is my considered opinion after four years of him. I do not write this lightly.

The Man For The Moment?

Hope you've had a good week. Just having some fun on this Saturday morning. This isn't really a political post. 🙂 We know that Republican President Donald J. Trump is not proving the most popular of US presidents - certainly not as of yet anyway. Apparently quite a few Democratic presidential hopefuls sense that 2020 … Continue reading The Man For The Moment?

Inauguration Day (30 April 1789)

Recently elected President George Washington - the first president under the then just ratified Constitution (under which the U.S. government still operates) - delivered his inaugural address in New York City on April 30, 1789. The text is eight - that's right, only eight - pages long and is in his handwriting. Held at the … Continue reading Inauguration Day (30 April 1789)

Thank You, Mr. President

There would be no U.S. presidential election today had it not been for him: George Washington, 1732-1799: Since his death, he has been portrayed less as a man and more as a symbol. We see him on the U.S. dollar (based on the austere-looking man in the Gilbert Stuart portrait), or gazing out majestically from … Continue reading Thank You, Mr. President