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Gradually…Into Volume 2

As I go at it again, my now late uncle’s words come back to me regularly: “Fiction comes from fact, and lots of fact makes great fiction when you re-write it as fiction.” I love it. Come sometime in 2019, I hope you will love this, too.

Within “Ten Minutes”

…and my uncle jumps to my mind and I imagine him lecturing me how this needs to be turned into a screenplay and he knows a screenwriter and she’s fantastic and I think yep he always knows a woman and he asks me where did I get those women geez…

That Name

The Sun Also Rises is said to be probably his best novel. Interestingly, too, it is his first. (Not something most writers wish for themselves.)


I do not agree with the increasingly common assertion that adult readers “need to see themselves” in a character in order to be interested in a book. In fact, I believe rather the opposite.