“Often I have gazed at that painting…”

When I realized I would write another novel of that era, I decided to try something of a "gamble" for that next novel: I would this time put faces on the cover(s).

The Gallery Is Open

Having some "artistic" fun this morning messing around with the Prisma app. A photographer friend on Instagram loves it. I thought I'd give it a play myself. I've run a few photos through it. These first two may (I hope!) look familiar to you. I used the app to "artwork" the original front and back … Continue reading The Gallery Is Open

“Somebody throws a Brick against the Door of my Carriage”

Last night, the BBC's "Grand Tours of Scotland" series focused on women travelers. It included a look at walking in the countryside and even took us to Gretna Green - where couples still "run off" to for marriage. It also briefly reviewed the time when women did not normally travel alone because they usually weren't … Continue reading “Somebody throws a Brick against the Door of my Carriage”

An Uncommon Setting

If you find yourself a bit stuck creatively, feeling stale, or worse, suffering from "writer's block," my advice is shake yourself up with a fresh experience or two. (Uh, but having an affair is going decidedly too far!) I've already written about my "inspiration" recently on the road to Geneva. The other day, I'd had … Continue reading An Uncommon Setting