This Inspirational Region

It was a pleasant week in upstate New York's Catskill Mountains, just outside of Windham. We did some necessary work inside of the house. We are returning to England on Saturday, so we are now with my father, visiting him at his house in northeast Pennsylvania. I figured it was a good time for another blog post.

New York Travel “Shorts”

Hello from the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York. We made it...

That Questioner’s Horse He Rode In On

If you have had experiences such as my family has had (and yours may have had too), you learn that there are those times that nothing can be done by others to stop self-destruction.

A “Relation Spéciale”?

It is no secret that this US president evokes wildly negative feelings in many. [Full disclosure: I did not vote for him.]

“1789” And All That

The past is in many ways increasingly alien and distant to our "norms" - assisted in that distancing by media and social media encouraging our "presentism"...

You Get The Chaotic Picture

The poster you follow and admire today may not even be there tomorrow; he or she could just delete everything and disappear.

Should We Blame Paris?

One suspects many of us are drawn to the caring and romance represented in the art of such photos...

The Winter Of Life

People do die of broken hearts, the counselor added...

Because “Lisa” Wasn’t Interested In Him

Dad: "You know how girls get pregnant, right?"

“If you want to test a man’s character…”

Much is being revealed now about the predatory sexual behaviors over the years of a famous and extraordinarily powerful film producer...

Le Mot « terrorisme »

As a novelist, I believe words do matter greatly...

The Answers We Always Seek

My cousin (my late novelist uncle’s son), his wife, and their three sons have lived for years in Newtown, Connecticut...

“So you are a patriot…”

I got stuck briefly while writing yesterday and took a break. (I'm working on that short story, which it seems is now evolving into a short book.) Something made me pick up Distances...

Back To Bach

Another weekend is upon us. The wider world out there is, as always, full of happenings none of us probably can have the slightest impact upon. However, here is information you may perhaps truly find personally useful, from Pacific Standard Magazine: ...newly published research ... finds women perceive men as more attractive and desirable when … Continue reading Back To Bach

“On your own – live or die”

I had another post in mind for this morning. But I feel this is more relevant for today. I wrote what follows on Instagram yesterday... A quiet English bank holiday Monday. It's horrible following on Twitter and elsewhere what is happening in Texas. I can't help but remember this same week in 2011, and being … Continue reading “On your own – live or die”