“Emily” (Part Deux)

In our pandemic and depressed world, a little 30 minutes of trouble-forgetting escapism and "unreality" is hardly a bad thing.

Looking Back

No posts here for a few days, I know. So what have I been up to?

“Charité at War”

I was particularly drawn to it because being a German-made production about the Second World War, it is rare for rather obvious reasons.

That Mis-Imagined Era

It is a clichéd and frenzied near-panto that reminded me often of a high school stage production that is always moments from turning into a “Saturday Night Live” skit. For an hour, I sat there stunned: I could NOT understand the praise for it.

“Byron, have you ever been to Warsaw?”

Recuperating, my Dad found The Winds of War mini-series on Netflix. Couldn't resist it. We sat and watched the first two episodes together yesterday afternoon and evening. Based on Herman Wouk's 1971 novel about Americans in Europe before Pearl Harbor and the U.S. entry into World War II, it was shown originally in February 1983. …

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