Do We “Need” Our Old Books?

We don’t actually in life “need” much of anything but a roof and some food, water, and clothing, of course. We certainly do not "need" old books in that sense. However, when we are alone, when we open an old book, it may well remind us of something, someone, somewhere and is fulfilling a need of our soul...

The Opera Singer

That couple, now in their mid-80s, had been at our wedding in 1999, but I had known them since then only passingly. The husband is a retired opera singer originally from Wales, and as we chatted and I realized he was happy to talk about his career I encouraged him to do so by asking him lots of questions...

And When Darkness Descended…

It was like Lord of the Flies. We - almost all boys - carried eggs and shaving cream to attack other boys for whatever reason. I went out one year with comedian Steve Martin's arrow through my head as my entire costume...

She Was 90

Her parents came over in the 1920s from what is today the Republic of Ireland. She had also spent some of her childhood back there, including some of early World War II, under the care of an aunt. To the end of her life, those childhood years living in Ireland were special and happy memories for her...

Two Decades Later

I recall clicking between the BBC and CNN International and seeing the sickening images we now recall all too well. I also tried to call my parents in New York, but all I got repeatedly was a busy signal.

Half A Decade Ago

I took a moment to be alone with her: I kissed her now lifeless forehead, and paused as I thought briefly on how while her troubles were mercifully over our lives going forward would never be the same...

While She Was Alive

Over the previous three years, I had also fictionalized her in three novels, the last being that one above. In them I included reconstructions of various real-life interactions and even disagreements between us from back when I was in my 20s and young 30s. She never knew I had sneakily done that.

What Family Leaves Us

My grandmother is long gone. My mother is now too. My dad remains - and I know I shall miss him terribly whenever he too is gone.

Nearly 17 Years After

Post-9/11, I’d not really wanted ever to go back. I avoided the area in the years since 2001. But - with our visiting British friends here - finally I felt it was time.

When “The Future” Is Over

Sadly, it appears that "the future" we had hoped for two decades ago, is over.

Twenty-Three Years Ago

Twenty-three years ago this morning, July 14, 1995 (yes, yes, that was indeed before some of you were born), in Paris I was standing along the Champs Elysées...

That Handwritten Past

Am I just ridiculously sentimental? That's probably why I've become a writer. I suppose we all are sentimental in some form or another.

That Questioner’s Horse He Rode In On

If you have had experiences such as my family has had (and yours may have had too), you learn that there are those times that nothing can be done by others to stop self-destruction.

At “5 o’clock in the mornings”

At “5 o’clock in the mornings” thinking and typing sessions at my PC over in the Catskills, in upstate New York, I began outlining and producing a travel/students/Europe/romance story…

“Everyone has one novel in them?”

Within the guise of a lighthearted, self-interview, I explained what initially caused me in 2012 to decide to write my first novel.

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