Not “They/Them”

We (meaning all of us) simply need a new word for those who in the third-person singular assert to be neither "he" nor "she."

Freedom Of Speaking

My concerns are family and friends and even an employer, but those are PERSONAL. If I don't face prison for my opinions, I have freedom of speech.

The Presents We Give

Bearing in mind they were written for adults - but back when adulthood arguably began in the mid-teens and not at today's "18" - my suggestion is teens might be started with a few "classic" books and Christmas is a great excuse to buy wonderful hardcovers as presents.

Lessons Of An Earlier Time

What is going to become of our Kindle (and other e-readers) books a couple of generations down the road? Will a twenty year old born "50 years" from now even be able to access a "2019 tech" produced e-book?

The “Editors”

Much as her self-appointed arbiter of “good writing” popped up to troll tweet Ms. Avon, I feel the same could apply to that passage above: “Rewrite needed.” Why? Ahem, well...

What Do You Think They Know?

Occasionally the American featured celebrity tracing his/her family tree comes across as - much as I hate to say this - worryingly clueless about wider history and lives lived prior to the present.

My Favorite Men In Novels?

My favorite men in novels? That was actually a much tougher question to answer because as I thought about it I realized I tend to find women characters more interesting.

“One of my favorite Psalms…”

Theodore Roosevelt once wrote that if someone is "not familiar with the Bible, he has suffered a loss." For an author, that is doubly true.

And A Century From Now?

Another case in point: my friends and I watched Friends, first run, when it was brand new...

The Scariest “One”

Every page is important, but for a writer (in my humble opinion) "Page 1" is probably the scariest one.

That Name

The Sun Also Rises is said to be probably his best novel. Interestingly, too, it is his first. (Not something most writers wish for themselves.)

“All for one, one for all”

I envy someone reading it for the first time.

In The Manner Now Lost

If you be one on a far continent, unacquainted with such, and discovering even that our Google translator is inadequate in the face of this English such as I am employing now, you have my most sincerest of apologies...

“Ay, surely, mere the truth…”

Truth indeed. We could definitely use some.

Your Favorite Woman?

I remember thinking also that I had gone to great lengths to write the women well (particularly the French women, who in our "Anglo-Saxon" literature are too often caricatured as nutcases, fiends, deviants, or "exotic"), and she had zeroed in on a man.

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