He Was 89

Aged 89, my father-in-law died unexpectedly early Monday morning (nothing to do with the stupid virus insofar as we know) at his home here in London.

After A Brief “Exile”

Macmillan grumbled that life had lost a huge joy if one is unable to read. Whenever I have those moments, I understand that feeling. It's truly awful - an isolating and even lonely feeling - being unable to enjoy a book.

The Unfinished Work

Of course a writer may die with a book unfinished. We will all die with some matters unfinished. Life is always an unfinished work.

Music In Our Lives

It's early on a Sunday. Let's have a lighthearted post. Who prompted this?: Adele Archer. Yesterday, the "International Relations" series author amusingly described the music in her life growing up. I won't go into detail lifting from it. You can read her full post here. She asks us if music has impacted us similarly. As … Continue reading Music In Our Lives

Question And Answer Session

Rahul Singh is doing some social media research. The other day he sent me a list of questions about my social media use. He consented also to my sharing my answers in a blog post. In fact, he said he was fine with my replying in public. If you would like to help him out, … Continue reading Question And Answer Session

A World Without Internet?

A conversation - in person - the other day prompted me to wonder about this: Suppose I just stopped right now and never again did another thing on the Internet? And that would include giving up even basic email. We all know how uptight we can feel if the net is unavailable for even a … Continue reading A World Without Internet?

A Eulogy: The Toughest Writing You’ll Ever Do

I delivered my mother's eulogy at her funeral Mass back on Saturday. It was the toughest few pages I'd ever had to write. Even harder was sharing it verbally in the church with the other mourners. After all, there are the basic facts to cover: her birth, bits on her upbringing, her marriage, her family, … Continue reading A Eulogy: The Toughest Writing You’ll Ever Do

An Adventure, Or Two, Or Three….

I wasn't going to tell you this. In the end I figured, well, why not? We're friends here. 🙂 I'm fast approaching a milestone birthday that ends in a "zero." You may know that "James," one of my main characters, is 29 years of age in 1994: He is fiction, of course. However, as you … Continue reading An Adventure, Or Two, Or Three….

Life: The Most Difficult Exam

A thought for a Monday: It may be extra-useful to remember that if you are, as I am, battling a sense of gloom about life. We all feel down and out of sorts occasionally for a multitude of personal reasons. We must fight through. But it's not always easy, of course. I've had a headache … Continue reading Life: The Most Difficult Exam

Email To A Younger Self

Dear Rob, How are things back in 1995? Heh, heh, who am I kidding? I know.... It's January 2015 now. I'm the older you. I thought I'd write to you and give you a heads up as to how things will go over the next couple of decades. That girl from France? Nuh, uh. No, … Continue reading Email To A Younger Self

Onwards And Upwards….

....although, as we know, matters are rarely so "straightforward" of course. My wife shared this with me on Facebook. It seems too good not to pass on: Yes, how true. En route to our "goal".... we always encounter reality. 🙂