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A Taste Of 20th Century Living

Gather 'round, kids, and let me share with you a taste 20th century living. We booked our coming trip entirely using the internet: flights, accommodation, taxi. Before the internet existed, to book an airline ticket it was commonplace in those olde days to visit a business - a physical building - that was called a "travel agency."

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That First Day Of Classes

Following on from yesterday’s post (on the short story I’m writing, Conventions, and Amazon’s samples), I thought I would link to Amazon Kindle samples of my earlier novels as well. Doing so makes sense. After all, these are where it all began for me. If you are a new follower, I know I have not…

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Spinning Out Of Control

I’m sure some of you reading this were born in the late 1980s and 1990s. The era of which I write about in the novels is therefore in a real sense “history” to you. It pre-dates either your consciousness of the wider world…. or even your birth itself! 😉 It’s trite to point out that…

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Coming Tomorrow!

Happy Sunday. I’m having a rest today. So no profound, thought-provoking travel, expat or literary blog post. Sorry. While “relaxing,” I should finish The Winds of War…. TODAY! I merely want here to offer a coming attraction: I want to invite you. While certainly in line with what this blog revolves around overall, tomorrow –…

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No Plans To Evacuate (At This Time)

In 2006, the U.S. State Department helped organize a mass evacuation of U.S. citizens from Lebanon during the Hezbollah-Israel war. However, currently, there seems no similar urgency on the part of the U.S. to evacuate a far smaller number of U.S. citizens from Yemen. Lawsuits have even been filed challenging the government’s not doing so.…

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And Something About Llamas?

While I was working yesterday, I did what I normally do: I had Twitter open to the side on my iPad. I check it occasionally. Usually I do so when I stop for a writing break, but sometimes I just glance over at it. That latter is a bad habit. What a strange “social media”…

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