The Biggest Foreign Policy Blunder In US History

We hear that so many desire real US international leadership. Going forward, let's actually try to provide some.‬

And You Ask Where Novelists Find Material?

Here's a UK TV listing for a showing of The Longest Day. I screen grabbed it back on Saturday. Why? Because it made me chuckle: You gotta love it. The British do "subtle" like almost no one else. Notice that the British cast - despite John Wayne's photo - get first national mention. And also … Continue reading And You Ask Where Novelists Find Material?

“Disengaging” From “The World”?

On one hand, we had heard for years that the U.S. was too engaged; it was the world's policeman, or the world's cowboy, or the imperialist. On the other hand, we had been told, and continue to hear, that the U.S. must be prepared to intervene anywhere, anytime, within, apparently, minutes. All that is worth … Continue reading “Disengaging” From “The World”?