Home Is This Blog (Since 2013)

I had never used Instagram until back in 2016, when I started that account to supplement my blog here. I approached Insta with no illusions. I knew I was not a "19 year old woman"; I was a male writer. But I thought it could used as outreach to those who had never heard of me or my blog here - and particularly to women, who are the bulk of my readers.

That Insta-Pianoforte

A "spirited" online discussion is one thing, but NEVER be libelous... or, well, stupid in what you write. Think before you post anything. I am sure you know seemingly EVERYONE is now on social media somewhere - including, uh, your employer, or your desired future employer, or that college you so hope to attend. You NEVER know who will see what you post...

This Indie Author’s Experience

I can’t really offer up replies to them quite as the questions are asked. But I suppose I can offer some general personal takeaways based on nearly six years of doing this now. I think I have learned lots I did not know in 2013.

“How’s Lara?”

I had also anticipated I would not be writing much this week in France due to the fact four of us are unexpectedly sharing a small holiday apartment. So I had decided that I would at least read some while here.

As The World Turns

As the world turns. A blog post is often how I start my day, and by 9 or 10 AM I am often immersed in what I am supposed to be writing for eventual novel publication.

For The Ages

I feel it’s a book for adults. Re-reading it I realize increasingly why I was bored with it as a teen. The issues and problems are more adult than I think register with kids.

The Final Words

Novels are (to me) about a snapshot in time. Readers are dropped among "these people" for perhaps hundreds of pages. Abruptly they are then dragged away and are now unable to witness the goings on any longer.

A Sound And Video Christmas Post

For a Christmas post, how about a series of short - a few seconds each - videos. So you know, they contain SOUND.

Trapped In A Minefield

I write this post to vent about this because recently I have been getting *extremely* negative feedback from a family member about my author Instagram page...

“An interest of mine…”

Writing is an often isolating endeavor, so opening a day, I have learned over the years, with a post on some issue that grabbed my attention, helps me clear my head and get going.

The Artist As A Coward

If you fear what you create for the public will be critiqued, I suggest it would be best if you did not create anything for the public.

Stories About Stories

And if I run into the "aspiring author" stuff one more time on social media, or well, anywhere, I may, uh, well... I just hate seeing it.

Tuned Balloon

Seeing that post from her made me smile.

“While I like to hope I have changed your world…”

My guess is I have a modest flow of new novel readers only because as I have kept writing books I have also made sure I have regularly posted on my blog here: the two go hand in hand.

When You Are @-ed

He thought reading reviews is usually unhelpful to a writer. Bad reviews are likely to discourage you without actually providing much help for future writing; on the other hand reading good ones might go to your head and bring on a sense of complacency.