More “Distances” Cover Fun

More “Distances” Cover Fun

I know this post appears much later in the morning than usual. However, when you have an unexpected light bulb go off over your head you have to drop almost everything and get the idea into your manuscript as quickly as possible. If you don't, it may vanish forever.... Having done that, on to this [...]

If It’s Okay For Me To Mention This….

If It’s Okay For Me To Mention This….

....I grew tired of growing old waiting to see when Frontiers would finally appear on Goodreads. I checked again yesterday (the first time in weeks), and it still wasn't on the site. I'd had enough: I've added it manually. (The power of an author!) Now, it's there. Who knows why it hadn't appeared? So both [...]

Why I Prefer Cover Photos I’ve Taken

Why I Prefer Cover Photos I’ve Taken

In a bit of a change, for the coming third book I decided to create a "working cover" early on. It's just me "having a go." I've messed around in recent days with some initial ideas. Remember those back in the dark ages photos I'd dug into recently? I decided to use one of them. [...]

Decided: The “Official” Title

Decided: The “Official” Title

Much earlier in terms of drafting the current volume compared to Frontiers last year, I've come up with a title for the book. You should be the first to know. 😉 Here it is: From where does a title come? Here, simply from dialogue. Since writing this a few weeks ago, it had struck me [...]

Novelist Uncle Is In The Building

Well, I had an email exchange with my uncle last night. He knows now about my books completely - including my pen name and what underscores the stories. The mask is off. I can't reproduce much of his note back to me. Lots of it is family stuff. But these extracts should give you the [...]

Creating Mayhem As Midnight Approaches

After several days of thinking hard about it, I took the HUGE decision at last: yes, I would finally tell my novelist uncle in America that I've written (and I'm still writing) novels under a pen name. What pushed me over the edge was asking myself, "Suppose he were to pass away and I never [...]

Author Cool

When only Passports was available, I hadn't bothered much with the Amazon Author Central pages on .com and But now, with Frontiers out there too, I decided I should do them up somewhat. (I'm now trying to get Amazon to combine the paperback and Kindle pages for Frontiers, which they will hopefully manage shortly.) [...]

Time To Celebrate…. I Guess

Well, Frontiers is finished.... ....and so, for all intents and purposes, mentally am I (for the time being). Lastly, final checks as it goes through Amazon's processes. After it has appeared, I'll put a link up here in the sidebar.... and perhaps set off fireworks too: Okay, short of fireworks, how about a celebratory drink?: [...]

“Delays, delays, delays”

For some reason, among all my London commuting on trains or in traffic I clearly remember one episode years ago of being stuck on the Underground's Piccadilly line in north London. As the train waited motionless for what seemed like interminable minutes just outside a station (it was probably Arnos Grove), the driver came on [...]

Customer Experience

In proofing Frontiers, I am re-discovering that qualitative reading "difference" between print and e-books. Both versions have their pluses and minuses, and I still maintain I would not chuck out print books in exchange for e-books. E-books have their role, but they are not everything. I do final corrections by reading the paperback proof, scribbling [...]

The Office

Like great athletes, we world changing novelists have our writing superstitions, peculiarities and habits. I'm discovering mine include "routine" and "order" - which I sorely miss when I lack them. Meaning this is just not gonna cut it for much longer: Ahhhhh! That's to be our office here! Eventually! I'm trying desperately to finish the [...]

Bookends Of Christchurch….

....really deserves a plug here on my modest site: I found that Bookends bag - which, ironically, held some old forks and knives - while unpacking our kitchen. We had lived in Christchurch (next to larger Bournemouth) for over ten years (until we sold our house there in mid-2013). Last Christmas, right after Passports was [...]

Wall, Meet Head

Shortly after I awoke at 5:15 (uh, that's "AM," just to be clear), the subject for this post hit me. You can write 100,000 words in a sweeping, multifaceted, transcontinental story. It may cover over a dozen major characters you struggle to bring to life, to make them "people" with all of their individual layers, [...]

Amazon Reviews

Like most of you, I receive those post-Amazon purchase emails which ask for a review and a "1 to 5 star" rating. That's hardly earthshaking blog material, I know. What prompted this post is I received one the other day for a friend's new book: That email got me thinking. Regarding his book specifically, even [...]

Was It My “Blog Mob?”

We had a laugh yesterday. You may recall Tuesday's Purple Parrot post. About 8:45 AM UK time, I had posted about store-owning friends in Chipping Sodbury, near Bristol, who've said they will stock my novels. In doing so, I had linked directly to their site. About 11:30, I got an email from the Mrs. half [...]