The Biggest Foreign Policy Blunder In US History

We hear that so many desire real US international leadership. Going forward, let's actually try to provide some.‬

Welcome To The United Kingdom, Meghan (Repost)

Appropriate today, I think for a "repost." Aside from the very end, I originally posted what follows on November 28, 2017...

To Calais And Back

In case you haven't noticed, I pay attention to as much as I can when I'm traveling. You never know, as a writer, what you might be able to "use" someday. 😉

“Rootlessness” And A Price For It

If I think back here to where I was at age 20 (then, I was living in Fairbanks, Alaska), and then at 30 (I was in Paris), and then at 40 (I was married by then and here in London), and, uh, well, you get the idea...

Americans Abroad: Chattering Since 1776

“I don’t know” or “It’s not my place” are expressions some of us as Americans haven’t mastered when living abroad.

An Unvisited Subcontinent

I find myself increasingly wanting eventually to write something that includes India. What I consider a major hurdle, however, is I have never been there.

Departures And Arrivals

Travel has become so commonplace an activity. We tend to forget that, as we know it, it is a relatively new thing. We live in a time in which humanity is moving around as never before. Prior to about sixty years ago, most people did not travel for work, leisure, and resettlement, as we do … Continue reading Departures And Arrivals

Viewed From This England

We've been watching the political-melodrama U.S. TV series Madam Secretary. But you don't need to know the details of the program to get this post. I thought I'd use it as a basis for some "fun" today - it's Friday - mostly due to the episode we just saw and because, as you probably know, … Continue reading Viewed From This England

New Friends From “The East,” c. 1994

The other day we watched Steven Spielberg's 2015 film, Bridge of Spies. You may know it stars Tom Hanks, playing the idealistic American he can portray so well. The film also well-conveys the tenor of its times - the espionage, mistrust, and especially pain, suffering, and even brutality, in a Germany divided between non-communist West … Continue reading New Friends From “The East,” c. 1994

Daily Mail Decides To “Ask The Americans”

The Mail has been out researching Americans' opinions about their lives here in Britain. Get ready. Let's have some Friday fun: I'll address my fellow Americans' points in order. Here we go. To start: 'In London, the following factors usually determine your ability to connect with others - your accent, your secondary school, and your … Continue reading Daily Mail Decides To “Ask The Americans”

It Takes A Village (In England)

I had a haircut in the village yesterday. The woman who cuts it regularly has previously told me she's 22 years old. She also has a half-brother who lives in the United States (in the Midwest) and is married to an American woman. Let's call her "Sophie." I don't know much about her non-work life, … Continue reading It Takes A Village (In England)


I'm flying to New York (alone) next week for a 10 day visit to check on my father in Pennsylvania and also check on our house and "lock it down" for a Catskills winter - where temperatures can easily fall to -10C (14F) for days on end. Hopefully, no "local guests" have eaten it completely … Continue reading Home(s)

One Girl At The Reception

We went to a family funeral on Thursday in north London. A couple of weeks ago, my wife's uncle-in-law died at home in his sleep at 85. While there is naturally sadness, at the catering hall gathering that followed the church service and cemetery his son reminded me (perhaps he was also telling himself this … Continue reading One Girl At The Reception

View Of “UK Resident Of American Origin”

As you may have heard, a man with a knife slashing at people killed sixty-four-year-old American Darlene Horton and injured half a dozen others in London's Russell Square on Wednesday evening. If learned, as of this writing his motive has not yet been made public. ("Mental health" issues have been cited by police.) As to … Continue reading View Of “UK Resident Of American Origin”

Our Varied Heritages is after me again. This below is from an email I received this morning: A few years ago through Ancestry, I found one of the ship manifests that included my maternal great-grandmother as a young adult sailing to America. She had traveled with about a dozen other people of varying ages, all from the … Continue reading Our Varied Heritages