Today At The Silent Movies

In posting all of those silly captions, clearly I have lost my mind...

Bullet Point Barrage

In down time sneakily I have been considering - and writing - a bit more of the next great project: the novel that will eventually be.

“Oh, shoot, did I post this to WordPress?”

Oops. I thought I was writing an email? But I was using WordPress? Gee, it's good I have nothing to hide from you guys... LOL!

Around The “Water Cooler” Again

So today here is more - some of it lighthearted - from fellow authors on Twitter... as they (I am taking a rest after finishing a 600 page novel, and I admit I am not writing currently) again gather around the authors' office's "water cooler" to gab (when it appears at least some of them, uh, should be nose to the grindstone and writing)...

Into 2020 We Go

If for no other reason, it is a good idea - I feel - to be mindful on social media as in person simply because that used to be called "good manners."

Daydreaming (When You Should Be Writing)

And, of course, when it comes to starring in your film adaptation, let's not forget the women. In my mind, if I think about it, uh, yes, I would love to see...

“Advice To Writers”

"Advice to writers" my foot. Hemingway pointed out in flippin' 1928 in a letter that what worked best for him was when he wrote what he knew about. Good grief, it's not exactly an obscure quote or unknown belief of his.

The “Worth” Of (Your) Writing

"Everyone writes books now": In an innocent and not nasty way, an elderly aunt said that to me a few years back. In a way, she was right.

Thanks For (Giving) The Advice

I blog here for those who like to read (or I hope will want to read) my novels, and unless they have found me first through Instagram, and more lately, Twitter, this site is their introduction to me as an author.

The Fiction Writers’ “Club”

My uncle once cornered me back in those same long ago 1990s about how for his next novel he planned to "borrow" the name of a friend of mine for a French policewoman character and base the character on her personality. "Oh, dear God, no," I recall half-laughing and, horrified, blurting out in response.

From This Author’s Desktop… Today

That was quite a post. You probably wish I would start writing a new novel sooner rather than later. After all, when I finally do, I will have less time to blog. LOL!

“What’s your name again?”

I thought this was worth a full blog post. Here are some characters from my two most recent novels... and how I recall inventing their names. All of them - particularly their first names - were chosen for their 18th century reality and country of origin...

Now That I Have More Time For Reading…

I have not the slightest qualms about - if I died tomorrow - those being my "literary legacy." They say what I as their author want them to say.

At Another Novel’s End

Feeling with the novel's conclusion that I am about to cross another life Rubicon, I am taking a few days to savor this interval before "the world" sees it... I want also to let off some writing steam here in what is likely to be the last pre-publication blog post.

Imperial War Museum, Duxford

With our two better halves busy yesterday, another husband (and a friend) and I went off to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford (I suppose, as guys might do when left to their own devices), which is just south of Cambridge...